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Cemetery in Manhattan?

Im preparin for the AP Human Geography exam, and in one of the 'short' answers i have to write, i need to reference a church with a cemetery connected/right next to it. I know there is one in Manhattan, I've seen it b4, and my dad and grandma {who lived in manhattan} remember one too, but what we cant remember is the name. anyone know? pleaseeeeeee!!!

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    (If you read this, it looks like 3 cemeteries are associated with Trinity Church. The 1st and 3rd ones look like they are adjacent to a church. The first one sounds like it is next to Trinity Church and the 3rd cemetery associated w/ Trinity Church is at St. Paul's Chapel. So, if it isn't Trinity than St. Paul's Chapel seems to fit the bill.)

    Trinity Church, at 74 Trinity Place in New York City, is a historic full service parish church in the Episcopal Diocese of New York. Trinity Church is located at the intersection of Broadway and Wall Street in downtown Manhattan.

    The Trinity Church Cemeteries

    There are three burial grounds closely associated with Trinity Church. The first Trinity Churchyard, at Wall Street and Broadway, in which are interred Alexander Hamilton, William Bradford, Robert Fulton, Captain James Lawrence and Albert Gallatin. The second is Trinity Church Cemetery and Mausoleum on Riverside Drive at 155th Street, formerly the location of John James Audubon's estate, in which are interred John James Audubon, Alfred Tennyson Dickens, John Jacob Astor, and Clement Clarke Moore. The third is the Churchyard of St. Paul's Chapel.,_New_Y...

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