Thinking of moving to Canada. Can anyone tell me what careers (just jobs) are available in Canada?

I am in college and I am preparing to move to Canada or England. I am looking for a career that is need in Canada.


I wasn't asking you people for your childish opinions about Canada. There is something seriously wrong with people. Grow the hell up.

Update 2:

Apprently S1LK didn't even graduate from grade school, because if you read earlier, I don't appreciate rude and unhelpful comments. S1LK, its obvious you are an unhappy and unpleasent person to be around. You need to go back so school and learn some respect.

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    I see you are in the arts, and are from Texas.

    - oil industry is pretty big in the North, and there's lots of roughneck and pipeline work (that's me assuming because you're a Texan you'd be experienced in the field !

    - arts wise, we film a LOT of movies here and there is also a MASSIVE gaming and animation industry - home to Rockstar, EA, Relic, Radical, Mainframe, Rainmaker.

    The guy who posted his sour grapes missive about being unable to find anything but 'low class or low pay job' OBVIOUSLY has poor language skills - my guess is that he's having difficulty finding work in his chosen field, with third world credentials and and inability oto speak one of our two official languages - - - well, duh! Certified US college accredation is very much accepted here - and even if English is not your first language, there is plenty of opportunity here if you are motiviated.

    As others have suggested - best to check immigration standards - some degrees (like nursing for instance) can get you fast-tracked into the country.. not so much with the arts though.

    All that being said - come for an extended visit and get a feel for the place (its a fairly diverse country from coast to coast) beofre you make a decision to move.

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    First off, let me apologize for these people who are giving you idiodic answers to your question. There are a lot of opportunity in Canada (as well as in the UK, from what I have heard). It all depends on what type of career you are interested in and what area of the country you go to. Certain areas could be great for certain careers while certain areas will not. It would be wise to do some checking with the HRDC website which lists jobs by description. Their website is <httP;//> . Hope that helps.

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    I agree with Pichi. Not sure why you got all the Travel Canada trolls today...must be a convention somewhere.

    To try and answer your question, there are many available jobs in information technology, banking, new home construction (electrical, plumbing), and the gas & oil industry.

    Areas that are not faring as well are the textile industry and automotive industry.

    You can check out the available jobs on Jobboom and Monster job websites.

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    4 years ago

    Cheaper than California indeed, and you'll be closer. No clue about the visa, but I think you need some residence permit that you should be able to find more info in the Internet. Where to live in PHX for cheap? Look places in Mesa (there are nice places) or even Tempe where there are a lot of students and young professionals who share. As in the other answer, hahah yes I've heard that Canadians are more pampered in their country, but hell, there is no BLUE skies and hot summers there or warm winters.

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    I live in last 17 years in Canada, and unable to find any job except very very low class and low pay jobs...

    These are the main standard Questions that Canadian employees asking from You:

    1- How Many Years You Have "Canadian" Experiences?

    Many places asking for 10 Years experiences in "Canada"

    2- Have at Least Three References from your previous Canadian En\employees

    3- Do you have Canadians Schools' certificates...

    - Disregard of whatever diploma that you may have, yet must obtain a Canadian one.

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    In Canada we have all kinds of illness and deceases, Bedbugs and SARS so you may find a job in these field if you be a Jew or British, otherwise, we have no other careers; also if you be a good hacker, you may get job with many companies and banks, and police

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    Seriously, what kind of answer are you expecting? If it's in the states, chances are it's in Canada as well...

    Are you seriously in college? Apparently you haven't learned how to research yet...

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    Jeeez!!! I can scarcely believe the ignoramuses that all came out at once to spit on your question! I am so sorry!

    Canada is a wonderful country, and it is a great place to live and work. There are many subtle differences between the U.S. and Canada that you don't realize until you have lived in both.

    As far as careers/jobs, I would suggest you go to the official Canadian Immigration website linked below, and read through the information for immigrating as a skilled worker. Included in that information will be a list of jobs most looked for. You might also want to take the self-assessment to see where you stand in number of points, that , too, will give you an idea of things you need to do to prepare to immigrate to Canada.

    Blessings and best of luck to you!!


    Source(s): American living in Canada
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    Honestly it is not good idea; what reseach did about Canada, think of USA man!

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    WE have War in Canada; what do you think! This is not sufficent evidence for you! IF you were a wise man you would get your message; if NOT come, until we get you!

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