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Anonymous asked in TravelUnited StatesNew York City · 1 decade ago

What are some fun inexpensive things for families to do in NYC in the summer?

I'll be going the first week of June. Also, can you please let me know some good places to eat that are cheap and pretty fast (ex. no fancy restaurants)?

Thanx! =]


Thanx for the suggestions but I'm not going with any kids. I meant stuff that's not just partying all the time.

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    1 decade ago
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    Lots of free things to do in New York - the Staten Island ferry is free - you'll get close to the Statue of Liberty and get a great view of the Manhattan skyline. Kids loveThe Sony Wonder Lab on Madison and 56th - four floors of interactive exhibits and games - and it's free. attractions close to Sony are FAO Schwarz.- the best toy store. Be sure to see the piano keyboard that was used in the movie "Toy Story" - watch the show - dancers dance on the piano. There's an ice cream parlor downstairs.

    Serendipity on East 60th and Third Avenue (near Bloomingdale's)

    It's overpriced and the lines can be ridiculous, but they have these huge ice cream concoctions and the kids love this place. Down the block is Dylan's candy

    If you're down there, and if it's running, your kids might love to ride the Skytram to Roosevelt Island ($2.00) - it's part of the New York City transportation system - 60th Street and First Avenue.

    Walk up to Central Park - if you get to the Time/Warner Building, be sure to stop at The Samsung Experience - it's free and you can use their computers, cell phones, digital cameras, etc. And, if you want to get off your feet, sit in the back and watch a movie that's playing on a high definition screen.

    Check out the shops on the first floor of the TimeWarner Building. Get something delicious at Bouchon Bakery. There are great views of Central Park from the floor to ceiling windows (benches all around if you have to get off your feet - if you want a snack, go to Whole Foods on the lower level)

    Some very inexpensive suggestions:

    Great hotdogs at Gray's Papaya - several locations - Greenwich Village on the corner of Sixth Avenue and 8th Street, and one on the Upper West Side on the corner of Broadway and 72nd Street. For $2.99 you get two delicious hotdogs and a fresh tropical juice drink - one hotdog is $1. It's self-service, so you save money on a tip (if you go to self-service restaurants or get take-out you don't have to tip.) If you are going with someone else, go to Katz's Deli on the Lower East Side - sandwiches are huge - big enough to share (again, sit in the self service section - the uptown delis will charge you for sharing.) Try a Cuban sandwich - roast pork, ham, cheese, pickles on pressed, toasted Cuban bread (Chelsea-Havana on Eighth Avenue and 20th Street makes a great Cuban - $4 for the small one and $5 for the big one). Try a Vietnamese hero sandwich called a bahn mi - Nicky's Sandwich Shop in the East Village on East 2nd Street and Avenue A -$4 or $5. The East Village has so many really inexpensive ethnic restaurants - you can eat lunch for $5 at one of the Philippine restaurants. There are several small places called Tortilla Fresca - you can get something very tasty for $2.

    If you stay in a hotel with a fridge and a microwave, you get large take-out orders that will feed you for a few meals - big savings. Don't eat at places like McDonald's - there are much better and cheaper places to eat in New York. Eat pizza - it's cheap, filling and good. You can get a great burger for $5 at the Burger Place in Le Parker Meridian Hotel on 57th near Sixth Avenue (small, crowded self-service - all they have is burgers, fries, shakes). Other places for good burgers: The Corner Bistro In Greenwich Village on West 4th and Horatio - a great burger for $5 (very crowded)

    Another cheap excellent burger is at Island Burger & Shakes on Ninth Avenue and 51st Street - ( burgers - $6. chicken sandwiches - good toppings. soups, chili, sandwiches - and good shakes

    When you are in the East Village, get an order of fries (that's all they sell) at Pommes Frites on Second Avenue and 7th Street - you'll recognize it, by the giant paper cone of fries outside. These are really good - you can choose different toppings. A bowl of chili is filling and cheap. You can get a huge bowl of soup at Bos, a Chinese noodle shop on Eighth Avenue and 55th Street.

    Lunch generally costs less than dinner, so you can save money by having your big meal at lunch rather than dinner. You can get some delicious food for $6 in Chinatown for lunch

    Have a wonderful time!

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    Hit up Little Italy and Chinatown for inexpensive restaurants. Also to be sure and check out the Jewish or Russian Deli's. Great thing to do in NY - Check out Jones Beach State Park. Google it - It's an awesome beach. If you have small kids, look for the lagoon because the beach is right on the ocean and has some pretty powerful waves. Also be aware - It gets crowded, so go early!

  • 1 decade ago

    Coney Island, Central Park

  • 1 decade ago

    Go to Central Park to do a "picnic" then at night go to chinatown for inexpensive good food

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  • 1 decade ago

    if u like to party go to try to get on guestlist for free, if your into hip hop an r an b

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