Anyone familiar with Louie Glass of West Virginia?

I have a lovely old lidded pitcher, possibly a lemonade pitcher that I believe to be made by Louie Glass and I'm about crazy with trying to identify it. It originally had glasses as well - but of course my mother sold those.....ack!

Anyway, it's very fragile, light green with a sort of swirled optic panel pattern, lidded, with an applied black handle. The glasses were frighteningly delicate and light green, and if I remember correctly they were footed and funnel shaped. I can email a photo if you might be able to help me with this. I have checked every book of Elegant Glass and Depression Era glass I can find to no avail.

There is a photo, on the web site of the West Virginia Glass Museum, of a display of pitchers - and one of them looks incredibly similar. The description merely states that it's a display of mostly Louis Glass pitchers. I emailed the museum and got nada back from them.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!


Here's a couple of photos of the pitcher:

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    It sounds like an early Fenton pitcher to me. You don't see all that many of these, which makes it hard to research. They were made in the 1930s. I'm willing to bet the handle is more like a really, really dark blue. These sell for around 150.00 to 200.00+ on ebay if they are in good shape. It is really considered a yellow, if it's the color that I am thinking of, kind of vaseline looking. Try looking on fenton fanatics or some similar website. If I saw a picture of it I would be certain....

    Source(s): Fenton Fanatics
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    i don't know what to tell you but if you ask them to sell it back to you then they might do it

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