Oh no, too much to drink and this is what I did...?

Last night I had 2-3 glasses of wine and didnt eat & being a fairlythin person before I knew it I was drunk. I dont even remember dialing the # but I called a guy that I TOTALLY SHOUDN'T HAVE! The details are sketchy, I just remember sitting on my bed talking on my bluetooth and turning around to see my husband (we are seperated but still live together, another log story) standing right behind me and next thing I know he snatched my ear piece out & trying to see who was on the phone. The rest is a blur, I jut remember driving down the street & parking (another bad dea) & I come back & he's outside, words were exchanged, not sure what, and this morning I feel like an ***. I've not been the best wife lately & have let a lot of things & people come between us (the reason for the seperation) and now continue 2 hurt him, I honestly don't know why I called that person last night we hadn't talked in months. I'll take the negative comments but after can u tell me what I can do 2 apologize


If u think an apology will be accepted, or to just leave it.

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    1 decade ago
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    nobody under any circumstances gets that drunk or 2-3 glasses of wine

  • Vada83
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    1 decade ago

    Okay, 2-3 glasses of wine depending on the type and year makes me drunk also. I drank 2 margitias last night and was drunk. So those who say that you can't get drunk off from alittle believe me you can, and I drink wine almost every day ( a glass).

    Another thing, who ever said when your drunk you say what you want to say when your sober is BS. I know many times I have been drunk and said things that just came out that I would never think or think to say when I am sober. DRUNK PEOPLE OVER EGGARERATE DETAILS. I have never believed a drunk person, one minute they love you the next they hate you, you are emotional and attendtion seeking and so on when your drunk but first and foremost not any more truthful than when your sober.

    Goodluck with it all, hopefully he sees you were just drunk and being dumb, and if it happens and you want it to I hope you two can work things out. Goodluck hun!

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    I think living together while separated is a bad idea. If you weren't living together this would not have been an issue. However, since you are together, this leads me to believe that you may be trying to reconcile. If this is true, then you most certainly need to find out why you have been acting the way you are and why you are talking to other men. Obviously you take some fault, so decide if your marriage is salvageable. If so, work on it but you have to give it 110%. You didn't do anything to terribly wrong, but put the phone away before you drink next time.

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    What you need to do, is go and talk to your husband that you are separated from that you live with. I do not fully understand that, but will take that at face value. You need to ask him what if anything you can do to make things right. He may tell you there is nothing you can do and if that is the case, then you can apologize and get ready for the divorce. Nothing anyone on here tells you will help if he is not willing to take you back so to speak. He is the only one that can really answer your question.

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  • 1 decade ago

    First of all stop drinking. It's clear that you can't handle it.

    The two of you are NOT separated, even if you sleep in different bedrooms. If you were truly separated you would be living in different households. What the two of you are doing is co-existing.

    You apologize by telling him that people do stupid things when they're drunk, things they regret when they're sober. You tell him the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. And you promise not to drink again - and mean it.

    If the two of you aren't in marriage counseling you should be. If he won't go then go see a therapist for yourself.

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    You were being an ***. Why are you letting other people and other things come in between you and your husband? Do you even still love him? If so you should apologize. I'd kick my husband's *** out if he ever did what you did. You might have blown it already, but if you want to fix things you better start making it up to him quick. Also, being drunk isn't an excuse. It just makes it easier for us to make decisions we wouldn't make when we're sober, but underneath it all you probably are searching for something else. You should think about that and take your husband with you to counseling so you two can figure out what's wrong with your relationship.

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    ok... first off to John H ... on 2-3 glasses of wine you can actually get quite drunk... esp. if you haven't eaten and/or arent used to drinking wine.. i have seen people who can put away a dozen beers be fine then another time have two glasses of wine and be slurring and stumbling.

    If you are separated.. then you have nothing to explain.. it is the whole friends (Rachel/Ross thing) .. you are on a break/separated .. unless you swore to each other you wouldn't see anyone else during that time, it is your business.

    You called the guy.. you didn't go see him... BIG difference..

    if you are separated.. why was he in your bedroom ??

    don't ever ever ever drink and drive.. that is just stupid

    It sounds like you and your hubby need to just go your own way... i know sounds harsh, but i think that is the answer.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well if he has forgiven you in the past he might be willing to accept that you were just drunk and it was a mistake. Tell him you needed some advice on your relationship and you were calling the other guy just to talk.

    Go throw away the rest of the wine and tell him you are sorry and wont drink that much anymore.

  • 1 decade ago

    You first off can't drink anymore! I know it can be hard but when you're hurting people you truely care about it's time to quit! You do need to apologize and you have to mean it and it has to come from your heart, you also need to have some will and set limits for yourself and you need to find out what it is you truely want! You haven't a clue and you'll only become more frusterated and confused as time goes on. Just tell him your sorry and ask him to help you get your head on straight, ask him his opinion of what you should do and tell him yuo really don't want to continue hurting him - ask him to help you through these problems you may need to seek couseling..

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    First of all, stop the drinking. Next, if you love your husband and want to work things out, tell him and hopefully he feels the same way. I don't know the details of your separation. If infidelities are involved, you both will have to decide if you can forgive and learn to trust again, if you can't then I don't think the marriage can be saved. You need to decide what is most important to you and if you want to keep the marriage together.

  • 1 decade ago

    I'm not sure that your apology will be accepted or not, but I would start there. Don't be upset if he chooses not to forgive you right away. Talk to him about what you have written (not being the best wife, letting people come between you, etc.). Just be honest and truthful.

    Good luck!

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