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What is Mexicos vegetation?

i really need this!!!!I just need to know Mexicos vegetation

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    The answers above are all correct. It varies from north to south. For example, in the state of Sonora, its a desert. Have you ever been to Phoenix or Tucson in Arizona?. The Sonora desert extends to those area.

    In the south, you have a lush tropical forest. Papayas and coconuts are very common in the south.

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    Mexico is a huge country with a great variety of vegetation. See the website below for easy-to-use info.

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    It depends on the part of the country you are planning to go. The north part is mostly dry and very arid. It is very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter.

    The central part of the country is mild and much greener. The weather is more humid than in the north part of the country.The weather is commonly nice. The south part of the country is very hot, humid and very green almost the year round.

    Most of the country is mountainous and very beautiful.

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    From jungle to desert to arid coastal plain. Look at wikipedia.

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    It is as varied as the US. Everything from pine forest to desert to tropical jungle.

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