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can the computer receive fax documents without using a fax machine?

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    They can by using a fax MODEM. Many of the older 56K MODEMs that were available at the time (current ones too - they still sell them) were fax modems. Using fax software on the PC allowed you to send and receive faxes through the MODEM.

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    To send a fax document without a fax machine, just subscribe to an internet fax service. It only requires computer and high-speed Internet connection to start sending and receiving fax.

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    An easy solution is to use an Internet fax service. All you need to start is an email address. Faxes are sent/received in your email inbox. For more information just go to http://www.myfax.com/

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    Yes, you can enable fax mode by going to the control panel and configure it under faxs and printers

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    Yes it can if you have efax software or if you have a modem correctly setup on your computer.

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