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Women Only. Have you ever had a bf who loved your pantyhosed legs and wanted you to wear them often?

Im curious how you feel about this. What did the bf like to do to your pantyhose legs? Thanks!

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    Yes - I have. But since I wear them to work and after work they never really had to ask me to wear them. The ones that like them usually would like to massage my legs more. A couple would ask me to wear them a certain way or make alterations to them. I think it is about 50/50 - guys who love them versus guys who don't mind/care about them. The other women answering you probably don't wear hose anyway so they don't attract guys like you who love them

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    Some guys love pantyhosed legs more than bare legs.....the same I do

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    i dated a guy who enjoyed to rubb my legs as quickly as I wore pantyhose.his mom sed he had a element for them while he became right into a newborn yet i think of he in no way out grew it.we couldnt "play" if i didnt placed on them to mattress! weird and wonderful huh? of direction we're not from now on mutually

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    Yeah, you're normal. :)

    I had a bf who liked me to wear them and then he would rip them in certain spots when we were gettin' freaky.

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    My wife has had a boyfriend like that.... Me. I just think she looks really hot with them on.

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    yes...but when he found out my legs were silky smooth , pantyhose wasn't an option anymore*

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    You sound really serious about this.....are you trying to get a cheap thrill?

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    i cant say i have and i would probably think he was wierd and no bf or hus has been fond of pantyhose

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    No, but if you like them that much, you can put them on yourself and tell us what you like to do with them on......

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    1 decade ago

    No I can't say I have.

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