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how to reduce our body weight which contain bad water content?

what to eat and do to give out the bad water content in our body?

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    well i would still drink water alot but also try and go running everyday. like start out running as much a you can and then increas that amount by 5 more min. every 3 days or one week!!! good luck hope it works out for you...

  • curlee
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    4 years ago

    lol, faty-fat-McFatten eh? effective. at the starting up, the "grapefruit nutrition regimen" isn't an exceedingly good nutrition regimen to pass on. it really is a crash nutrition regimen. in reality, grapefruits are extremely low in energy, extreme in nutrition c, and in reality water. so that you'll eat as a lot as you pick and also you probable will nevertheless reduce weight because you're in hassle-free words getting at maximum one thousand energy an afternoon, you in hassle-free words top off on water. it really is a crash nutrition regimen. You for sure won't be able to proceed to exist merely grapefruits, so the load you lose will probable come back and convey acquaintances once you eat known nutrition back. yet yeah, it really is why. Tada!

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