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my cat has gooey eyes. we have been wiping it out but it keeps comming back what do we do?

it is thick and gooey not runny like allergies can we use visene on her eyes or does she need to go to the vet? it doesnt seem to bother her too much as far as her crying or anything. she doesnt seem to be in any pain when we clean her eyes. What do i do? we got her about two months ago and this has been going on since the day we brought her home. and suggestions would help very much! thank you

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    Do NOt use Visine on her because it is much too harsh for her eyes. Sounds like she may have an eye infection that can be cleared up with some simple antibiotics eye drops.

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    Never use products or medicines meant for people on an animal. If she has an eye infection, then she needs an antibiotic. You should take her to the vet. The visit will not cost much and they will give you the medicine at the office. The medicine will take care of the problem in a matter of days. Just because the cat isn't crying or scratching, doesn't mean is not making her uncomfortable. Imagine if you had gooey eyes. How would that make you feel? Animals feel pain and discomfort too. They just don't show it the way people do.

  • If you have a kitten, most of them are prone to cat flu, symptoms include runny nose, sneezing and discharge around the eyes.

    I would take her to your vet, if left untreated it can develop into a seroius eye infection, with the infected eye having to be taken out.

    A lot of our RSPCA kittens come in with eye problems, eye drops are the best answer

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    First, stop using human drugs on your cat. Take her to the vet, she has some kind of infection and needs veterinary attention and some kind of drug, possibly antibiotics, depending on what the issue is. They have special eye drops for animals, don't use human ones.

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    Cats can get a chlamydia infection around their eyes. The symptoms kind of sound a little bit like that. I recomend that you take her the the vet and have them check it out. Good luck.

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    Get her to the vet! When we adopted out cat (then kitten) she had gooey eyes and it was an upper-respiratory infection. We got antibiotics and she's been healthy (now slightly overweight) ever since.

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