who can breastfeed?

Does anyone know where I can find evidence that any adult woman can lactate for an infant? Even if she is not the mother and has never been pregnant.

Thank you.

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    It is not entirely true that "any adult woman can lactate for an infant". Some women are actually born without mammary glands. This is relatively rare, of course, but you are correct that the mother does not have to have given birth to the child. Adoptive nursing is also called "induced lactation", if you want to find some more information about it. Also, even if a mother is born without mammary glands, there are milk banks where she can obtain safe, donated breastmilk for her child. I put a lot of links below for you.

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    Contact an OB/GYN. There is a medicine that you can take that will kick you into gear. Some mothers that adopt and want to breatfeed take it to get them going.

    "If you know far enough in advance, say 6 or 7 months, treatment with a combination of oestrogen and progesterone (as in the birth control pill, but without a break) plus domperidone will simulate pregnancy somewhat, and may allow you to produce more milk. Get information about this protocol from the clinic."


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    My best friends husband could not produce children so they adopted. Before the birth of the child, she took hormones, herbs, and pumped her breasts and was able to produce milk for her children even though she'd never been pregnant.

    Of course, it was hard for her to produce very much milk, but it did give the babies a chance to breastfeed early on.

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    I have seen some adoptive mothers that have tried to BF.

    Usually they take some medication prior to initiation of efforts.

    Reglan is one of the meds because it increases prolatin levels along with pumping. What I have read they usally never attain a full milk supply and usually utilize a SNS system (supplemental nutritional system).

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    not sure where you can find evidence.. but if a women is not the mother of the child..and she is planning on adopting she can start pumping many weeks before the baby is due, that will actually bring in milk.

    Source(s): doctors office
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    Here is a site where an adoptive mother tells her story about breastfeeding her adoptive son Max.


    And an article titled: Can I Feed My Adopted Baby


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    Don't think it's possible. I've never heard of it before. I guess maybe if they somehow got a shot of all the hormones produced in a woman that cause her to produce milk. I think it has to be the mother or a mother, I breastfeed mine, so I could technically feed another baby, but I don't think it works any other way.

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    i don't know how, but i read somewhere on here u can. contact those le leche people. they know everything.

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    everyone knows that some women breast feed when they have there children

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