plumeria questions....?

About 13 months ago i planted a plumeria root (in a pot). It took a long time to get growing, but over the winter I put it near a window, and it flourished. From th time of planting until now it has grown up 16 inches. Since it is so tall I am worried about the wind damaging it, should I be? Now the root has several leaves and the weather is turning very nice, when should I expect to see it bloom? And where exactly do the flowers bloom from, I still cannot picture it? I have heard the flowers bloom from the top, but how? It just keeps growing leaves. What do i need to so to keep it healthy? Should I use fertilizer, because I have not yet? I am very excited to see it in full bloom, and smell the jasmine flowers. Any advice or links would be greatly appreciated,

Thank You, Trav

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