if i was on the birth control patch and i quit using it would it hurt my chance of concieving a child????

i was on the patch and i stopped using it and i was wondering would it hurt my chances...

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    It may take a few months for your cycle to return to normal and for you to begin to be able to conceive. Doctors usually reccomend waiting 3 months before trying to conceive after discontinuing birth control, to make sure the hormones that are still in your system are completely gone and wouldn't affect the unborn child if you did conceive, because research is inconclusive as to whether they can be harmful to the fetus or not. I had a friend who got pregnant immediately after she quit using the patch, so it's definitely possible to conceive right away. Typically women have 2 reactions after they discontinue birth control--either they ovulate like crazy and are super-fertile or they don't ovulate at all for several months. Every woman is different, you may have a hard or easy time conceiving. Good luck :)

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    No, it will not hurt your chances (nor will it damage the fetus, etc). Some women are able to concieve right away after stopping their birth control, others may have to wait 6 month to a year. Most doctors say that 3 months is abut average for the pill, patch and the ring.

    Good luck!

    -Essin' Em, hotmoviesforher.com

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    Hello I think you should talk to your doctor or an obgyn and it depends on the birth control you where on if you where on the pill i think it want talk long at all but my sister was on the shot for 4years (before they made the law you can only be on the shot for 1years and mabee 2years depends on your weight) well after she chose not to take the shot and try to concieve she had a miscarriage and bleed for three months studies show that being on birth control for over 2years is not good for your system. I hope I was some help good look

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    It's the same as if you were taking the pill and stop. Most women can get pregnant immediately after stopping use of the patch. For some women it may take longer.

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    Not at all!!

    It would just be like stopping the pill. Your body will slowly go back to it's normal cycle and within 3-6 months you will probably ovulate and you'll be able to still have happy, healthy babies!

    Birth control just helps stop ovulation .

  • 1 decade ago

    No. Birth control does not alter your fertility. It can take up to a year after going off of it for your hormones and periods to regulate but that isn't common. If you have fertility issues after that year period there is likely a cause but birth control use isn't going to be it.

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    Stopping birth control will increase your chances of pregnancy!

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    no if you want a baby and you are NOT on the patch then you should be fine but i also would wait about a mount before really trying to get a child just to be safe.... good luck!!!

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