can anyone teach me graffiti art? what I really want to learn is the stencil technique?

I m a beginner and have no idea what it's like to use spray paints, though I am very good with paint brushes. I would be greatful if anyone could give me any info about this particular matter. Thanks.

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    Stencils are simple. just cut the image out of cardboard, or whatever you have that will make a stencil. The main aspect of working with spray paint is can control. Hold the can parallel to the wall when you work, except in the case of flares, where you tilt your wrist back as you end a line to create a wider spray. There are other such techniques that you will pick up. Cut in sharp corners by layering the paint. It's a good idea to find a grafitti supplier and buy different caps for your cans that allow for a wider or thinner spray. They also have better flow than the stock caps. The best thing for stencils is a soft spray cap. For paint, I wouldn't recommend anything but Krylon from a regular store, maybe Rustoleum in a pinch. There are suppliers online that sell much better formulas and colors of paint if you want to be at that level. Wear gloves to protect your hands and a gas mask to prevent inhalation (very important if you value your brain). Good luck.

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    just practice lot,s if you good on brush you can be good in any kind of painting try go first buy air brush and do small work, or practice on paper , buy the brush or penciled same technicals on the wall.'s try to lean some animation and cartoons because this help you to growing your imagination. just practice lot.s this is key for art. any kind of the art,

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    Banksy is the world's greatest grafitti artist

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    Come to Detroit theres alot to see.

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