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Devin Hester?

no spam if ur a hater cuz this guy is a damn god hes a rookie and he already broke 3 records!ummm yeah there putting him on offense i think it will be great he can shake and juke FAst no 1 can stop him!o and he is the fastest player in nfl he ran a 40 yd dash 2 weeks ago and got 4.21 deangelo hall is slower

mike vick is faster then deangelo!

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    I love Devin Hester. He's my fantasy b@^$# *laugh* talk about helping a girl out with fantasy football.

    Joking aside I've only seen him on kicks. It'd be nice to see him consistently play WR and see what he can do with routes.

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    If shaking and juking is all you think a WR needs to do to be good then you know nothing of football. There are countless amounts of players to come from college with blazing speed who didn't know what running a route meant. The fact is Hester understands nothing of routes, which is also why he cant play corner. The NFC squad tried lining him up at corner in the allstar game, he got burned everytime he was on the field. Right now it looks to me like he will be a career return man with snaps taken on O and D as injuries happen.

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    Holy crap -- is this what passes for English now-a-day?

    Hester's a great return man, but putting him on offense? Bears have Mushin, Berrian, Bradley, Olsen and Clark. Why do they need to add Hester into the mix? He should focus on being a CB....

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    Vick isnt faster than hall vick is fast but hall ia a lil bit more fatser

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    a receiver ? it might play out ok for a decent bears WR, but does anybody remember the bowl game LSU vs. Miami when they tried lining him up at widout. He couldnt do crap. Plus you have A crappy QB throwing to him. it's a desperation call.

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    What position WR? well he is an amazing Special Teams guy but he can't cover for his life. So if they switch him to receiver he should succeed pretty well.

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    He's a career kick returner that can't play any other position effectively. That doesn't live up to godliness in any book.

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    D Hest is a Return Specialist. NOT a WR. He's 5'10'' and his hands have not been catching football all his life.

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    ok, we get it.........

    you love Devin Hester

    hes certainly exciting but hes not Jesus in cleats

    he couldnt even start on offense or defense in college......

    he will not be a factor on anything else other than special teams

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    He is one of the best kick returners ever if not the best. He could improve atcorner back but idont think he will.

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