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What's wrong with my cat. He's an 11 lb, 10 yr old, neutered male inside/outside cat current on vaccines.

It started with a limp in the right front leg/paw. We did x-rays and found nothing. He then became lethargic and started hiding. He is now depressed, does not drink water and is only eating about one can of wet food a day (I do add water to the wet food). He still has about one bowel movement a day and urinates about 1 to 2 times a day. This cat does not eat outside animals never has only plays with them until they die. I also have four other cats and none of them are sick. They all eat the same thing. We did a stool sample; a urine sample and a complete blood panel all came back normal. This has been going on for about 2 1/2 to three months now. We just put him on depression medicine a few days ago but so far nothing. He has also started to express his adrenal glands and I don’t think he is doing it voluntarily. Any advice, thoughts or insights on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


I do mean anal glands. And the vet is who suggested the depression meds.

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    Give the antidepression meds a couple of weeks. It takes a while for the meds to take effect. If that doesn't work try seeing a different vet clinic and have him examined. It never hurts to get a second opinion. And what do you mean he's expressing his adrenal glands?? I've never heard of this. Maybe you mean annal glands?? Good Luck

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    Give the meds some time to start working, you done the right thing taking him to the vet. You said bloodwork was done, what about a feline aids/leukemia test? You said (He has also started to express his adrenal glands and I don’t think he is doing it voluntarily. ) I am taking that you meant anal glands, if so, many pets do this if they are not getting enough fiber in their diet. If he is eating only canned food this could be the reason. The stool needs to be somewhat firm so when a bm passes it expresses the anal glands naturally. Talk to you vet about adding fiber to his diet.

    Good luck.

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    Are you sure he isn't OK? Not drinking is normal if he is eating wet food. My cat has not drunk any water for months, if not years, because he gets his moisture from moist food (normally cats are desert animals and they get the moisture they need from their pray. Of course they need water if they eat dry food). The change of mood by itself is a symptom, but if it does not coincide with test symptoms or anything, I would guess he is OK, if the vet thinks so. Is he losing weight? Is his blood sugar OK? Renal and liver function (urea, creatinine and transaminases)? I wouldn't give antidepressant drugs or any other drugs to the cat, because if he has an undiagnosed condition they could cause damage.

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    I have to concur with the others. If the problem continues, try a different vet office even if you have to travel a little farther to find a good one and get a second opinion. Good luck with your kitty.

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    Did they give you any pain medication?

    Adrenal glands are located on the kidneys ..... ANAL glands are just inside the rectum .... those you can tell if expressing.

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    Being an outside cat it could be anything. Maybe redo the tests. This seems far from normal.

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    i dont know, maybe he was poisoned? by pesticides or insectasides or something? bring him to your vet again, i hope he gets better

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