What to do when 4 year kid tells you that he will throw you out of the class?

I am Pre-school teacher very friendly with kids.I never spanked anyone .But this kid today told me ,not to force him for writing .Though I have handled him very polietly and he started writing also .But my problem is Am I not handling children properly or why he behaved like that .Am I being too linient with them. Please help I dont want any body to speak like that again.

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    I doubt there is anything wrong you are doing. I hate to throw the blame on people I don't know, but have you considered he may not have the world's best parents? Good parents would teach their kids to respect and mind their teachers. If I were you, I might call the parents and let them know how he's talking to you. Perhaps they honestly don't know he has such poor behavior in class. Otherwise, you should just put him in time out when he speaks disrespectfully. You are a professional and should not be treated that way.

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    The quick answer is that he should go in time-out for saying this to you. Period. However, if you want a good program that will help you be consistent in the way you handle your kids, you should read 1-2-3 Magic. It's a great resource. As a parent, I've been using it for a little while and it helped me tremedously with my 3 1/2 year-old. The author explains the application of the program VERY clearly, so you know exactly what you should do every time a child is behaving badly.

    Check out the official website of 1-2-3 Magic. They even have positive discipline solutions for teachers. Good luck!

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    hi, I work in a school corporation( this was my first year) and when I just started working in the school I sort of had a lot of mocking, back talk and disrespect from other students. You see I work with grades kindergarten through fourth grade( I work in a migrant program) and I'm very young so I have no kids and have never had the experience but I've now learned that you have to keep a firm voice. There's no need to scream your head off at a kid but when they aren't doing what you asked them to do they should have consequences put them in the corner, take a couple of minutes off during playtime. There are just some ways to teach them how to listen and become respectful. Never show the kid that you don't know what to do because they will def. try to push you over. Dont get me wrong I'm super nice and i know they kids love me as much as I do but so far I get the respect I deserve

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    This works with my kids: Get down on his level (not in his face) and calmly explain that what he said was disrespectful and that he is not in charge. Then tell him if he speaks to you that way again you will have to (explain your punishment; time-out, spanking, loss of toys or playtime) and then make sure you absolutely do what you tell him you will do. If he thinks you're bluffing, it will not work. You have to follow through. Also tell him to apologize for being rude. Never yell, always punish the behavior fairly and while you are calm.

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