My brother has mental health problems and hepatitus c the tablets he is given for depression have side?

effects including liver damage, any suggestions for an anti deppresant without liver side effects.

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    I'm sorry to hear your brother has hcv. One of the main symptoms of HCV to begin with is depression. When they treat the depression, the drugs are metabolised by the liver.

    It's rather a damned if you do, damned if you dont scenerio.

    Many folks as well as doctors refuse treatment for those with mental issues regarding hcv when the truth is without hcv infection, there would be no depression!

    You said he has liver damage. How bad-grade and stage?

    If it's not extreme, your brother should begin antiviral chemotherapy. There are trials to which a patient can receive care and treatment for free-ask his doctor.

    HCV passes the blood brain barrier. Along with the virons, the toxins from the livers inability also pass the blood brain barrier. Really, if your brother is on antidepressants, chances are they are adding to the issue as antidepressants do not work on viruses that cause CNS disorders.

    Your brother is in a continuous battle-antidepressants do not always work, can cause more issues that may not be reversable, but can't function with normalcy unless he takes the antidepressants.

    Remember: hcv begins, depression follows. it's a hand in hand disease. There are many other "bi-directional" diseases associated with hcv. Many folks are oblivious to the connection between liver disease and other diseases.

    Truth is, once the liver is affected, the blood transports the quasispecies of the original virus to all other parts, organs and tissues of the body. Other organs work harder making them more succeptable to diseases that would not normally occur.

    please see the doctor next time with your brother. show him this letter or at least let the doctor know what i've suggested.

    good luck.

    p.s. sorry, but no there isn't anything that can help the depression-unless you can get him on treatment for hcv (which can cause an issue with depression regardless of prior history or not), but many find that their depressive issue or other mental issues have been reversed after successful hcv antiviral chemotherapy.

    herbs can be dangerous given the many other issues regarding a persons hcv status and health issues. hcv is more complex. what others fail to realize is that medications are made with natural derivitives to begin with-so if those do not work, natural sure wont either.

    again, just a word of advice: there are many folks out there with all sorts of issues and if natural products worked, we'd have nothing but happy folks running around. i'm afraid it's more complex than that of herbs, flushes, cleanses, juices ect.

    Source(s): riss-hepatitis c objectives personal experience
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    FYI anything you take in pill form is filtered through the liver. No other way around it. Your brother will have to find a good internal medicine doctor. You can do some research on the internet (not on Y!Answers though) to help you determine what is best for him. Good luck.

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    Go to the health food store. There are wonderful vitamins and natural herbs for depression that get right to the problem without harmful side effects. My Dr. has me on 100 mg of Zoloft which wipes me out and leaves me in a zombie state for days. So he cut it down to 10 mg and I still get the same side motivation for nothing, headaches, drowsiness, increased appetite. So this is what I found at the health food store and it works. Have your brother check this web site out:

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    YES!! There are so many natural products on the market; New Sun has some great anti-depression medications that are all natural and no side effects. Check out the link below for more information

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