What is the funniest thing that happened to you whilst attendinding university or college in South Africa?

I went to the University of Stellenbosch and al lot of stuff happened there when I studied there back in 1992. I will tell you about mine in due time. Let's hear from you first!

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    I had this physics professor who was a terror, you never came in late for his class. If you were late you did not attend.

    This one morning a students comes in about 4 min. late and the prof. really goes after him. Telling him that he will ensure that he never attends any of his classes again and that he can just as pack his suitcases and go home.

    The student took this reasonable well considering all the threats and yelling. After the professor finished the man simply picked up a backpack from the first row and politely said that he was only their to collect the bag he forgot the previous lecture.

    Source(s): All I can remember of his classes are these two sayings: if violence does not work, the hammer is not big enough and (have to say this in afrikaans, sorry) Die deffinisie van verspreide donderbuie - die wolke kom so verspreid aan en dan donder hulle verby
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    Hey Porgie, we roamed the streets of Matie campus roundabout the same time. I recall 2 (there were probably many more).

    !. At one stage I had a big, heavy motorbike. Lunch hour on campus (hectic traffic). Stop at stopstreet (the T-junction between Huishoudkunde and the Conserve). Bunch of girls cross the street in miniskirts. I forget to put out my feet. Big traffic jam...

    2. As postgrad I helped out with exam envigilating. Right after explaining to the students in the strictest of voices that no cell phones will be allowed in the exam hall because cell phone ringing can cause severe disturbance, in the two second silence after I finished my sentence and ready to hand out the papers....my cell phone started ringing!.

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    Final year at college, final day and final paper...

    My boob popped out of my top before an exam in front of everyone after having bent down to put my bag down.

    (in a situation like this you learn to laugh at yourself or end up with puffy red eyes)

    I was the 1st to finish my paper and the 1st Advertising student to leave campus... forever.

    Thank Lord it was the final day (for everything!)

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    Well, I don't have a ha ha ha funny thing, but you know how they always say you will NEVER find the one your going to marry in a nightclub....

    Well, I did, five years back! Oh the glory days of my student days...... Funny how some people turn out to be:::


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    I studied while I was working at the bank ... the incentive to pass was "if you dont pass you have to pay back R200" I was the only person to pass! I really did not want to loose my R200

    I studied Marketing through RAU

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    1 decade ago

    well..i was studying and thought I was in mexico..AHAHAHA and then i was like where am I and they were like your in South Africa..and I said..OMG.

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