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What happened on General Hospital yesterday?

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    Liz health worsened she may die, Jason is torn should he come forth as the baby's father if Liz dies, he is heart broken that he cannot be near his child. Nickolas survives but learns that Mr Craig has more plans for him, Carly is back from honeymoon.

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    click on one of the TV shows, sign yourself up, then click on ABC daytime, then on general hospital, then click on the day you missed the episode and you can see the whole episode.

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    What happened on General Hospital yesterday?

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    Patrick told the whole hospital that Robin's baby was his. Lucky seems jelous of Dr. Devlin spending time Sam. Nicolas is trying a new drug treament. Claudia throws down with Trevor, then visits Ric. Alexis is surprised by the positive changes she sees in Ric as he talks about Marianna. Marianna stands up to Trevor, who threatens Ricif Marianna doesn't deliver the property deed he wants. Marianna comes face to face with her abusive ex, Randy. Sonny assures Carly that he'll bring Michael home. Carly surprises Sonny when she tells him that Kate knows he was unfaithful. Peg urges Michael to do the right thing and go home. Lucky confronts Jason about the confession he overheard Elizabeth make (that she's convinced she was the person responsible for Sam's hit and run). Jason asks Lucky to give him a little more time to investigate other suspects. Patrick tells Jason that his best chance for a complete recovery lay with a specialist in Seattle and wants Jason to go there as soon as possible. Elizabeth is saddened over the thought of Jason leaving. Tracy confronts Monica with the clothes she was wearing on the night of Sam's accident and the two women duke it out at the hospital. Fortunately, it's only Spinelli's pride that takes a beating after he's stripped of his clothes while snooping on the supply ship in his quest to locate Michael. He calls Maxie for help, and she sees him in a new light. Spinelli discovers that Diego had planted several hidden bombs but can't crack the code to locate them.

  • Liz had to be rushed into the OR for emergency surgery, she is in critical condition. Jason is still considering coming out as the baby's father. He wanted to hold the baby but wasn't allowed in the nursery, so Spinelli fixed it so Jason's name was put on the list to visit the baby. Lulu was begging Jason to keep quiet because Lucky would be devastated. Carly and Jax came back early from Fiji. Jerry went back to Wyndemere and was planning to take Emily on a business trip. Nicolas is back home but has still not been given the counter agent. Alan is still haunting Tracy.

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    I dint admit on general hospital or i dint went also

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