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If Adam and Eve had kids before they ate the apple...?

Would the kids be born without original sin?

Therefor if they lived an all around good life they wouldn't have to beg for forgiveness?

And if those kids grew up and had married offspring from adam and eve after they ate the apple would their kids have half original sin?


I mean *IF* they had kids before the apple

yes yes they had kids after--but what if they hadn't!

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    Nope...according to the Bible the children came after the apple.

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    Likely, *IF* they had kids before the fruit incident - they would have tried to convince the kid to eat the fruit. If the kid didn't eat the fruit, he/she would have been perfect and, I believe yes, they would have been free from sin, and therefor wouldn't have been capable of dying unless murdered. So if this kid stayed God's path, then I doubt there would be anything he would have to ask for forgiveness for. If he ever did have to ask forgiveness, then I think that would mean he would have sinned in some way and lost his perfection. If the perfect kid married an imperfect one and had a kid - I'm sure the offspring of that union would still inherit the original sin from the other parent.

    Knowing how the world is, I'm sure that even if this scenario were real, the perfect kid would have been murdered eventually.

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    The Bible does not say anything about apples! It was some type of fruit that was pleasing to the eyes. You see, God told Adam and Eve not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. This was the only commandment God gave to man! Why did God gives this to man? So there would be a choice. If there is no choice, than we are like robots, only following one way. Before the fall, man was perfect and nakedness was not wrong! Man did not know what being naked was. Before the fall, Adam and Eve did not clothed them it was natural and before God, it was good (meaning, nothing wrong with it). When man disobeyed God, sin entered into the world and man became exposed! And every since, man has covered themselves from God. Does that make sense?

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    Adam & Eve did not have kids before the original sin came into focus, it amazes me how people thinks it was an apple, There was no litteral fruit invovled, because God said OF ALL THE trees in the garden that grows out of the ground is good for food, Now I will say something that will cause everyone to thumbs me down. What was the original sin, NOT EATING AN APPLE, But the serpent was a upright creature, designed to be a helper to Adam, Now to establish a point here about ALL the trees in the garden was good for food, read. Gen.2:9 Now all of this is done before the fall, Many religious people don't even know what the original sin was, Now I said the serpent was a Helper for Adam, therefore he was a upright creature able to talk & walk, Here is where you get your missing link that down through all ages Science could not see it. Gen. 3:1 The serpent was more subtil or cunning that any other beast in the fields, We need to get this apple & snake doctrine out of our minds, The serpent being a upright creature could communicate to EVE. Therefore over a period of time Satan inticed the serpent(now the serpent was not satan) To have a sexual relationship out of God's due time for reproduction, Many thinks Cain is a son of Adam, no he was not, he was a son of the serpent. In the book of Jude it says Enoch the 7th from Adam, Now lets see the curse since Eve gave into the serpent for reproduction other then God's plan, If it was not for the fall everychild would have been born with eternal life. NOW LISTERN EVERYONE, Lets see what God does in the curse, God takes the serpent in Gen.3:14 & not before then & he curses the serpent & God say upon thy belly shall thy go & dust(berries, rodents & so on) will be thy food. God striped that serpent of his legs & arms & THEN & THEN ONLY did God put that serpent into the reptile family, Now unto the woman he said I will greatly multiply thy conception & thou sorrow, How can God multiply the woman conceptions, because right there is where woman lost the knowledge of the laws of reproduction, Now unto Adam He said I will curse the ground & thorns it will bare & thy shall earn thy living by the sweat of thy face, Why did Adam lose that helper, He no longer had a helper, He was Curse there into a snake. These 2 trees that is in the midst of the garden did not grow out of the ground, They were 2 laws of reproduction. Now to my critics, Read Gen. chapter 5 to se Adams seedline. That goes back to the Book of Jude where it says Enoch was the 7th from Adam, & if you try to put Cain as a son of Adam then enoch has to be moved down to # 8, Now To all that will give me thumbs down, here is Adam's seed line, # 1Abel, # 2 Seth # # 3 Enos, # 4 Cainan # 5 Mahaleel # 6 Jared # 7 Enoch. That is in Gen. 5: 1-24 Read it for yourselve Then you can comment. now did the sepent have a soul, NO, Did Cain have a soul, yes, because Cain was also a part of EVE, so Cain inherited a certain portion of a soul.

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    Answer to one: Could be

    Two: No one has to 'beg' for forgiveness

    Three: Jesus Christ is an example of what you are talking about.

    KInd of.

    Since the Adamic sin is passed through the seed and he had no earthly father, he was perfect.

    One point to consider.

    God might have chosen the time for them to have offspring just for the reason you mention.

    You have to keep in mind, Adam and Eve were perfect physically.

    They had to learn, grow and become perfect spiritually. That is one of the reasons for the test they were given.

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    It wasn't an apple. The particular fruit in question has not been identified!

    The children would have been born without sin, and if they had continued as such, Adam and Eve would most likely have been executed by God immediately after sinning.

    This would have meant our non-existence.

    Genesis 2: 17but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it; for in the day that thou eatest of it thou shalt certainly die. (Darby)

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    Yes if they did then those kids would be sinless because they didn't eat the apple i'm not sure about the last bit though

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    oh no, god is relentless, he shows no mercy. Because of one man's fault he has to put sin on everybody else, how is that fair? The children if there were any would suffer just like their father. And beg though, we haven't stooped to that low have we?

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    They had kids after.

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    yeah,or what if they only took half a bite of the fig and spit it out...these types of make-believe scenarios, lead nowhere, in particular.

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