How do I handle this situation.....and stop wanting an unavailable guy?

Hello all. I'm new and I feel a bit silly posting such a question to a group of strangers but I need help with this. I am in lust with an unavailable guy and I have to stop thinking about him. He is in a situation where he can't get along with his "girlfriend" when they live together but they are good when they don't. This guy has been looking at me for months now but just recently he has started completely ignoring me when his girlfriend is around. He still looks at me when he is alone though. My marriage is just about over so I am noticing his behavior more and now I am interested. I can't talk to ANYBODY I know about this for fear of the potential problems. I can't talk or smile at him for fear that someone might read into it (there are alot of trouble makers in our crowd) so I find myself avoiding him. It is tearing me up and I need to understand what is going on between us. How do I handle this completely screwed situation?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Get yourself away from him. For one it is a situation that can turn ugly quick and i am sure you wouldn't want to be in that.For two it is another woman's man. And that is the worst thing you can do to another woman despite their situation. I feel that is the ultimate disrespect. If you know for sure he wants you too or has passed a move on you I would tell him you have alot more respect foryourself than to sleep with another woman's man. And if he wants you that bad to getrid of his baggedge first. Don't make his baggedge yours

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