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Am I discriminated?

Im the eldest in the family and i have a brother and a younger sister. Both of them are educated than me and I didn't continue my studies and just started working. Now the problem is although all of us are living separately I feel that Im being discriminated as I normally don't get invited by them for most of the events although i live close by. My sis and bro are normally very close to each other than to me so they've a lot in common. I'm not being jealous about it but I was not informed or invited for many events and even my parents didn't bother to ask about it. Is this coz im not doing well like them? Or is this coz they ignore me as they are close to each other? Im really disappointed and upset about this...pls give me a reply...

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    Well if I were you, I wouldn't even bother to invite THEM into your events. They didnt invite you so you do the same, they'll actually see that they screwed up and then they will invite you into their events.

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    It all depends how much older you older or younger you are than your brother and sister. I have two brothers, one 10 years older than me and one 2 years younger. I always feel like the one out cause my older brother got the chance to study. I had to start work Right after school. In a family they will always pick the favorites. You are an individual and unique, don't let them get to you. Have your own party and invite them, maybe that will change things. Its a start.

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    I have a somewhat similar situation.

    My siblings are all step-siblings. I am the odd one out. Of course they love me, but I feel that connection between them that I will never share.

    I think instead of getting down on yourself, it's better to focus on the good. What do you like to do with them? Invite them over to do something you all enjoy. Or, hang out with them one on one and develop your relationship that way.

    Most importantly, hang out with YOUR friends. Friends are the family we can choose.

    Hang in there :)

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    I thinl that it is because they are a little embarrassed about being more educated than you and they don't want to have to explain why.

    You are being severly discriminated and i think you should talk to them about it. It'll be the only way you'll be sure.

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    maybe they just forgot! or maybe they're embarrassed to invite you because you are ignorant and didn't finish school!! or maybe they're just being assholes!! my guess is they're being assholes!! if they don't want you, you shouldn't want them either!! they don't deserve you!! money isn't everything!!

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