burping and reflux?

my baby boy is 7 weeks today and my doctor told me he has reflux, prescribed me medicine and he gets it every 8 hours. also i purchased the mylicon gas drops. but my question is my son has a really hard time burping ! its like impossible for him to burp sometimes, but when he does , usually spitup comes out with it. only on ocassion has he given a good decent burp. i give him 6 ounces and burp at 3 oz. then after hes done so i do give him a burp break in between. now i only give him the gas drops if i can get him to burp at all. has anyone had to deal with this before ? any good tips on burping him to get him to actually burp ?


i do burp him over my shoulder, and sitting up on my lap and i think ive tried over my lap maybe once, but it seems nothing works.

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    If you are giving him gas drops, he's most likely not going to burp. That's the point of them. Try adding them to his bottles beforehand to help. My kids always responded better to me rubbing their back in a circular motion while over my shoulder rather than patting.

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    Spitting up with burping is completely normal, a way to avoid a lot of spit is to burp more often, after every single ounce not 3 oz.

    Also have the baby rest a little on it's left side, by placing a small rolled up blanket wedged to his side.

    Also, 6 oz is too much for a 7 week old. Even though he is drinking it all it may be causing stomach pain and more gas bubbles. He may be getting too full. Try 3-4 oz each time and increase the frequency of feedings.

    I don't find that mylecon drops really work. I used to put a leaf of fresh mint in the baby's bottle and let it sit in there. Or I would microwave a small amount of water with a leaf until the water turned green and then added this to the bottle. Mint is a natural way to ease stomach gas.

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    Try burping him on your lar sitting up, then pick him up and try over your shoulder... then u can try laying him across your knees belly down and usually the burp will come out. Or just try sitting him up burping and then lean him back and then sit him up again. My son also has acid reflux and was the same way. Good Luck!

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    My son had terrible reflux. So bad that his esophagus was raw. He was on 4 medication and he had trouble burping. I was told to lay him across my lap on his belly and rub his back for 5-10 minutes and then raise him to my shoulders and rub his back. It sounds crazy, but it worked. He outgrew his reflux and he is fine now. Good Luck to you!

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    You can try laying your baby across your knees and give just a little bounce. It is also good to sit your baby upright for about 30 minutes after a meal. This will help with the spit up.

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    do u pat him on the bace so th burping can come up.

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