What is the hottest temp that a volcano suit can with stand?

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    The suits they wear are fire fighting suits called fire proximity suits (aka silvers or silver bunker suit) and are suits designed to protect a firefighter from high temperatures, especially near fires of extreme temperature such as aircraft fires. They are manufactured from vacuum deposited aluminized materials that reflect the high radiant loads produced by the fire.

    There are 3 basic types of these aluminized suits.

    -Approach suit used for work in the general area of high temperatures such as steel mills and smelting facilities. (Ambient heat protecton up to~ 200ºF.)

    -Proximity suit used for AR-FF and in more helavily insulated versions for kiln work requiring entry into the heated kiln. (Kiln suit ambient protection~ 1000ºF and Proximity ambient protection~ 500ºF)

    -Entry suit used for entry into extreme heat and situations requring protection from total flame ingulfment. Most commonly made of Fyrepel and not aluminized. (Entry suit ambient protection~ 1500°F for short duration and prolonged raident heat up to 2000°F)

    Volcanologists typicly use the entry suit and will sometimes wear and additional nomex suit underneath for added protection.

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