if a home test came back negative but you're having symptoms of breasts sensitive and heavier...?

I have just took a home test and it came back negative but I havent missed my period...but its been since april 16 all the way up till now that me and my fiance have been having unprotected sex and i've been taking the pill for over a month now....and i'm having symptoms of sensitive and heavier breasts, constipation, diarrea, naseua, dizziness, lightheaded, stomach feels tight and big, feeling sick but not throwing up, gagging at certain smells and food, feeling very exhausted and tired like i have no energy.... do you think I should wait until the end of the month and see if my period comes up then if not i can take the test a week after the 16th which i started last month on the 16th? so what should i do? please tell me!

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    Your symptoms are probably being caused by the pill. Often women on the pill experience similar symptoms to pregnancy while their hormones adjust. If you still feel concerned in a couple weeks, there is nothing wrong with taking a test to be sure.

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    You could be pregnant with all those symptoms but you know us women! We can make symptoms up like that.... I'm 2 dpo today and looked up some symptoms and as I was reading them I got them- it's ridiculous. We are weird.

    You may have tested too early. Wait until your period is late.

    I've just re read your questions- you are on the pill- silly me. You're probably not pregnant. Sorry but do a test when you are late anyway.

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    It's a bit early for a lot of those symptoms to be pregnancy related. It's most likely the pill. Test if you miss your period.

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    wait two weeks and do another test....

    on the pill i had all those symptoms the first month.. even missed my period.. it came late (about 2 weeks) ... then i didn't get it for 6 weeks ..... didnt stress about it as i figured my body was getting back into its routine ... a friend thought she was pregnant, and was too scared to do a test... we did one together... she wasnt pregnant, i was ...

    so basically... just wait and see.. i know it can suck.. but it really can swing both ways.. and you can also get false positives AND false negatives...

    (i know.. not much help) ..

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    Your best bet is to wait another week and then try another test as it may be a little to early to test. Your HCG levels may still be very low and that is why the test is showing up neg. Your symptoms sound like you are preg! Goodluck!

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    If you just started the pill that is likely the cause of your discomforts. And also a reason why you aren't likely pregnant.

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