How much should I charge to watch a child in my home?

I have 2 small children and I am watching a 2 year old full time, I feed her 3 meals plus snacks and I have to potty train her as well. I have 50 hours a week.. what should I charge per hour?

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    usuall charge here in the south is around $100 per week.

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    In the midwest, the going rate is about $15 a day, and the parents provide diapers and wipes. If you're cleaning a lot of messes from the potty training, I would charge an extra fee for that, maybe an extra $5 a day until the training is over. I think it's easier, though, to charge by the day instead of the hour. Others even just charge by the week.

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    I don't know if you should charge so much per hour but per day or week.

    I think you should charge for cost of food and then perhaps $15 per day in addition.

    Or if it were easier just charge $100 per week and include food in the price.

    I suppose it depends on where in the country you live too. If the mother of the 2 year old is singe and doesn't have a high paying job she may not be able to afford this . I would charge what seems the most reasonable and fair for both you and her.

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    I think you should charge what you feel is fair to both you and the mother. The thing is that I feel if you watch only one child (does not mean that you can have your children with you) then you should probably charge more... but since you do have your children too then the other child won't have individual attention then opt for something less... whatever you choose make it a flat weekly fee because it's easier to manage and if its hourly or daily then parents who come for the child earlier that expected would cut you short of some money. Also include a extra fare for when she is over an hour late in picking up her child.

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    for child care on a full time basis you should charge a flat weekly rate ( about 100 dollars). part time you charge per day ( about 20) and drop ins should be about 4 an hour. this in Texas. i would call some local day cares in your area ask for some pricing and if you are not registered child care provider i would then charge a tad less.

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    I watch children out for the house as well and i charge $3 hour. I live in columbus ohio

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    i would charge $75 a week Plus the cost of food. and if they cant afford cost of food they could always bring there own from home.

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    $20 A DAY

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    You should call a couple of day cares in your area to find out what the average price is.

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    600 bucks a week pushing 700.

    it's a full on job especially with ur own children.


    hey 50hours a week is a full time job too, this is not unreasonable! looking after children is the hardest job!

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