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SWOT analysis and for Malaysia Airlines(MAS)?

strenght weakness opportunities and threats for malaysia airlines....complete swot analysis

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    Here's a SWOT example (Virgin Atlantic Airlines):


    -Differentiation based on value, service, and price

    -Universal appeal to wide variety of customers

    -Established and highly-recognizable brand image

    -Innovative features that distinquish the company name

    -Talented management team

    -Strong, well-designed organizational structure


    -Some underdeveloped channels

    -Underdeveloped distribution system

    -Marketing primarily focused on London market

    -Ineffective utilization of alliances and partnerships


    -Increased tourism with the improvement of the economy

    -Alliances and mergers

    -Airline growth post-recovery because of the trimming of the airlines since 2000

    -Latin America as a low-terror, high growth potential market

    -280 airports within Europe

    -No major carriers dominating Intra-EU aviation market

    -Germany, Spain, and France

    -Asian market expectation


    -Terrorism leading to decreased tourism and confidence in the airlines

    -Health problems

    -Regulation problem for airlines aiming to merge or grow

    -On-going supply surplus resulting in maintained low revenues

    -Internet booking allowing greater price transparency

    -Improved telecommunications decreasing business travel

    You could adapt a similar structure to what applies to Malaysia Airlines; What affects one international airline might not affect another, so you're better off looking through the financial and shareholder reports for Malaysia Airlines.

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    Airlines Swot Analysis

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    Don't know enough about the company to help, but take a look at their annual report, sometimes you can find this stuff hidden in there.

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