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Just a thought on Tony Stewart, comment if you like?

I am all for Tony speaking his mind and showing frustration with NASCAR. I actually agree with him to some extent. But before we go out an make him a hero, lets look at some facts. Tony should stop feeling that he can race by double-standards. He is the first one to preach about safe driving. Daytona 06 for instance, before the race he talks about NASCAR having to stop bump drafting. During that race he takes out 3 cars with bump drafting. Race after race he gets into other cars. He is always claiming, oh it is not my fault, then if someone gets into him he whines and complains. I guess racin is racin if Tony bumps you. Again Tony your comments may be warranted, but you live a very comfortable life-style, so why bite the hand that feeds. Also Tony is maybe the most talented driver out there. But come on Tony, be a man and start taking responsablity for your actions on the track. You are not above NASCAR, and you don't drive by a different set of rules than everyone else.


Smokescreen, I didn't mention once about Gordon, Jr., Hendrick, Rousch, ect. Why bother bringing them up when they clearly were not a part of the post?

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    excelent outlook on this. I do however appreciate what Tony was trying to say. Nascar is not being consistent. What you said was right on target.

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    Tony does race by double standards. I mean he said that David Gilliland doesn't have talent because he made a rookie mistake but then again didnt Tony make some mistakes as a Rookie? I know he did. I mean seriously if he didnt have talent then Robert and Doug Yates wouldnt have put him in the #38 car to drive wihta very talented teammate. I mean seriously or what do you say when you and Montoya have a run in and you say the he said you said thing it gets old yet hasn't he done the same thing. I think alot of the drivers are like that but still some are more then others. NASCAR doesn't give anyone a different set of rules to drive by and it doesn't just apply to Tony Stewart it applies to Jr. Kahne, and Jeff Gordon. They all hvae the same rules and they follow them. Every driver at one point learns you have to take responsibility for your actions but you should do it then and their not blame it on something else. Tony made those comments on his radio show, and apologized but also blamed it on having a fever of like 105, if it was that high you would almost be in the hospital and not able to talk or walk and be able to think clearly. Seriously, I mean get your facts straigth so he technically never really took responsibility for that he blamed it on something else so he wouldn't look bad and people would sympathize with him.

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    in case you think of approximately it, NASCAR is exceedingly a lot the only racing sequence interior the international with consistent tire themes 365 days in and 365 days out. Tony has each top to vent out his frustration, pondering his very own automobile became into wrecked, and Ryan's California backup automobile should be hauled all the way down to Florida. And the lads returned on the keep have 3 wrecked vehicles to patch up and restoration later. not one, yet 3. this is a lot to do. And the two certainly one of Newman's vehicles have been exceedingly a lot destroyed. To me, he looked as though it would carry returned what he extremely extremely had to declare, and that interview wasn't just about as severe as his Atlanta interview final 365 days. it is been a curler coaster week for Stewart-Haas Racing, and that i'm hoping to work out the two vehicles working up front the next day.

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    I agree w/ you, to some extent! i dont agree w/ the things that Tony says about NASCAR, like w/ the cautions, he was mad they throw caution flags for debree too much, well if there was debree and NASCAR didnt pick it up and he ran over it, causing him to wreck, hed be mad at NASCAR for not picking it up. there is no going around him, he will always be whining about someone and something all the time. and he does need to race a little cleaner, and take action for his own mistakes. I personaly dont like him and wish hed leave the sport. he has no buisness in a sport that he is going to criticize and whine about constantly.

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    Don't worry. After 09 you won't have to worry about Tony Stewart because he will be racing with the REAL drivers in the IRL.

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    i say make tony even more right, when your doing the post or pre race interviews make them talk to mean gene oakerland

    cause lets face it nascar IS the closest thing to sports entertainment in racing, the only thing left to do is fix the outcome and it seams like 80% of the fans here on y-answers think its happening anyways

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    When T. S. first came to NASCAR, he was an arrogant little piece of snot. It was like open-wheel racing fogged his racing capabilities. I couldn't stand the little twerp. But since he went through anger management classes, he has gotten to where he finally owns-up to his mistakes and apologises for taking other drivers out of contention. Although I'm not a Stewart fan, I do respect him now, as opposed to when he started in NASCAR.

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    I apperciate what Tony said but I wish it had come from some body else

    that is like saying Mr.Excitement Jimmy Spencer saying that peopl wreck too much

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    Tony stinks. He puts people in the wall for no good reason, then complains when folks retaliate.

    And then he acts like he's the only guy that's ever been screwed over by NASCAR.

    Gentleman Jeff Burton is the best driver in NASCAR 'cause he never takes guys out stupidly and he SHUTS HIS DANG MOUTH WHEN HE SHOULD.

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    tony stewart sucks he aint even close to being the best driver out there he's fat and lazy and whines like a women if he doesnt like nascar or thinks they are cheating let him go to another series no great loss he doesnt care if he gets in an accident and causes it because he is always blaming someone else it just so happens that every week its someone elses fault he crashes

    get over it tony you suck and so does your whole crew

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