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Whe is it appropriate to cheer "Let's Go (whatever team)" When they are batting or pitching?

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    I don't think there is a right time or a wrong time to cheer and shout Let's Go [favourite team]. When they are batting it encourages batters to get a hit. When the pitcher of your team is pitching it encourages him to try and do his best.

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    In my opinion this cheer can be used in any situation where the team is rallying: Batting or Pitching.

    But...if I had to choose one or the other this cheer is usually most appropriate when the team is batting. When your team is rallying and at a point where they could, with a clutch hit, tie or go ahead in the game.

    It could also depend on the strength of your team. If your team's strength is pitching then perhaps you would cheer "Let's Go Cubs!" before a big potential strikeout more often than a hit. closing it is most appropriate at any rally point, but if forced to choose batting or pitching I would choosing batting.

    Hope this helped.

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    In baseball the time when it is really important to hear is when two guys are running after the same ball. Baseball is primarily communicated through signals. It is always appropriate to cheer your team in Baseball

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    Cheer loud and often, just be careful of your surroundings. The worst is drunk idiots who want to fight you for not cheering for their team.

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    Its always appropriate. I yell "Lets Go Royals" all the time. Even when they aren't playing - at work, downtown, at the bar - its all good.

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