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Do you have both fish and cats?

I have tropical fish and thinking about adopting cats in the near future. Are cats much more work, and which is the most rewarding for you?

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    I love my cats and my fish. Cats are more responsibility since they need to go to the vet but other than cleaning a litter box once a day and making sure they have food and water cats are very self sufficient. They are great if you have several b/c they have very big and diffrent personalities. I have had cats all my life and always will, fish are within the last 5 years. Good Luck and thanks for adopting!

    Source(s): fish breeder and keeper, but also have 4 indoor cats, 3 outdoor cats, 3 toads, 1 rat, 2 dogs and a husband =)
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    I have a cat and a few fish tanks(like, 7 of them...)

    Cats are not really much more work, except that you have to clean the litter box, put out fresh water, and fresh food. Other than that they are essentially the same. Sort of...

    My cat is super independant and hardly ever wants attention, but we have had cats that demand attention every three seconds.

    Adopt an adult from your humane society, thats what I am going to do if I ever get another cat/dog.

    Good luck!

    Source(s): owning cats for 17 yrs, and fish tanks too
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    not currently, but I have in the past. fish are more work than some people may think...cleaning the tank, doing water tests and changes, etc. I would say, both have their advantages. both are stress reducers, fish (watching them swim) and cats (petting, playing with them). however, cats need attention EVERY day. feeding, changing litter box, etc. the reward is personal. do you enjoy the returned affection? do you enjoy giving physical affection? can't do that with fish! I like both, for different reasons. where I live now requires a pretty steep pet deposit for cats but not for fish. so I only have fish.

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    I have 3 cats and 2 beta male fish. I love all of them. Cats though love to chase the fish in the tank. you just have to discipline them and tell them "No". Fish to me are more work depending on the size of the tank, the bigger the tank, the longer it takes to clean. Salt water fish are very hard to take care of since everything including temperature, salt levels, filteration, has to be just right.

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    I've had both. I don't have fish anymore but I have 2 cats.

    Cats are fairly easy to take care of. They go potty in a litter box so you'll have to change that when it needs it. You got to feed them every day and pay attention to them.

    In my opinion fish are more difficult to take care of. you got to make sure the water is clean and keep it ph balanced etc.

    Cats are easier and more rewarding in my opinion.

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    I have a black moor and 9 cats (4 of which are just kittens). Stick with one cat - it's easier to clean up after and there will be a lot less shedding to deal with.

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    Yes. The dogs like to watch the tanks too.

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    Get a cat. They are cool pets. They are cute

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    depends....... all on the person.....lol

    but cats are fun at times....fish r fun to look at if u have an EXTRAVAGANT TANK....

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