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how can i get rid of roaches i clean my house thoroughly but no luck can you help me?

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    I read an article once about this but I'm not sure if it works because I've never had to do it. They said it absolutely works though. If you try it and it works please let me know.

    Kill cockroaches with a mixture of 1/3 borax, 1/3 cornmeal, 1/3 flour and a dash of powdered sugar. Sprinkle this in crevices under sinks and vanities where cockroaches love to hide. Keep this away from children and animals.

    You can also try this.

    Mix powdered boric acid with sugar and powdered nondairy creamer. Use a mixture of 50 percent boric acid to 25 percent sugar and 25 percent creamer. This is relatively safe but should still be kept away from children and animals. Sprinkle the mixture in all the dark, warm places that cockroaches love - under sinks and stoves, behind refrigerators, in cabinets and closets, and so on. The roaches will walk through the powder and then clean themselves, much the way a cat does. Once they ingest the powder they die.

    Also, to keep roaches out of the cupboards, place some bay leaves on the shelves.

  • Well there are somr roach traps that you can use. But use the big ones so all the roachs can get in and out. Once they eat the poison they go back to where they go and they die and also it kills others that are around them too. It is the sorat octagon round trps. They work good, too. But you have to change them every 3 months and after a while you won't have that problem. ALso some people say Borax works. Never tried it but hey if it works it's a cheap way to kill roachs.

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    ok their is a can where you can pull the tab and and leave your house and it will fog up the place but the fog will go everywhere into the cracks and into everything else and wont harm nothen else except the roaches and kill them and wait at least two hours and then come home and open up the windows and let the smoke out and you will be rid of the roaches. i hope this helps your friend rgsiguana

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    Got to walmart or harware store and buy some roach bombs will have to leave your house will u are bombing ...I would put more in then what it says....U will be suprised at how many u see dead when u come home...if u can see them then u have more than u may have to wait a month or so and rebomb again but the bombs will get rid of them ...your kitchen prob has the most so put at least 2 in there!!

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    No problem.

    Here is a non toxic way to get rid of them forever. I know, I have been using it for 25 years. Buy it a a swilling pool supply, and you will only pay about 50 cents a pound!

    Diatomaceous Earth kills cockroaches, ants, earwigs, silverfish, beetles, slugs, and other crawling insects. It is a mechanical insect killer that is not toxic or poisonous. Insects cannot become immune to its action. Insects come in contact or ingest this powder and die within 48 hours. It's non-toxic to pets and children.

    Add some boric acid to the powder, and you will get rid of every bug that will cross the path.

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    Go to the hardware store & buy a product called Roach-Pruff. It is the best ever, even if your neighbors have them or if you live in an apt. After that just clean all food & grease off counters, stove, and in cupboards & trash is kept out & keep it that way. If there is no food for them to eat, they will go to your neighbors apt.

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    are you in an apartment?

    if so... you'll need more than luck! Fumeagate the entire apartment.

    If its just your house?

    There are good traps out there.

    Obviously open cereal boxes are an invite. You should use plastic container for all food.

    ALL cupboards must be clean of crumbs.

    Basically. If you get rid of the food source, you'll rid of the roaches. But you do need to eat.

    Heat.... they love heat. Try having your house cooler in the winter. It'll be a good method of minimizing their reproduction. All in all, eliminate food and trap/spray them.

    good luck.

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    Roaches happen. Even the cleanest houses can get roaches. Fight back. Get some roach traps and set them inside all y our cabinets and under places (where kids cannot get to them, but the bugs can.)

    All my houses, I have always put those out whether I saw the little bastards or not.

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    it sounds like your neighbors are breeding them, so there is no help. i suggest you move, that is the only way you will be roach free...

    wash all of your clothing and furniture, really really good. sit your TV and other appliances that can not be cleaned, inside, outside for a few days.

    you can not be lazy and get rid of roaches. also, you can not live in an apartment building with people who are breeding them and get rid of them.

    good luck, it's a tough situation!

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    It doesn't matter how good you clean your house...if you have roaches they are going to stay put until you kill them. The best way to do that is hire an exterminator. Exterminator's have roach killer that doesn't leave the smell or fumes like roach bombing your house. They also usually have good rates so you don't have to break the bank to hire them.

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