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Is this playing games?

I've shown interest in a girl by asking her out as a friend, but something legitimate has come up for her each time. I don't want to seem like a hound so I thought I would just keep it cool for a week or so then ask again, is this playing games or should I just pester her till she comes out with me or tells me to get stuffed?


Am I the one playing games by laying low for a week?

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    Backing off is not playing games, especially when it seems warranted. She needs space. I'd give her two weeks. Let her begin to wonder if she shouldn't make herself more available. Next time, when you ask her, just say, "I'd like to take you out. If you're interested, let me what works for you."

    This way, she can give you a day, on the spot, or she can say she needs to check and will get back to you. If she does the latter, she probably isn't interested. If that is the case, consider asking someone you wouldn't normally ask. Go out and have fun. You might surprise yourself!

    P.S. I give you a lot of credit for your guts and persistence.

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    It might be that she is busy or it could also be her way of letting you down easy. Next time, just ask her to call you when she has the time to go out. This way you leave it up to her and it relieves you from asking her out again and taking the chance on feeling like a hound. If she does not ever call you, then this should tell you she is not interested and you have to accept this and leave it alone. Best of luck to you!

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    Definitely don't pester. Just give it a little time and then ask again and if something comes up again just let her know that when she's free and decides she wants to go out she can give you a call. Don't waste your time waiting on her to become free. You don't want her to think that you are desperate.

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    a million) The "i'm so proper so i'm extra advantageous than all people else, and would take care of all people else like crap" interest. Having actual attractiveness would not provide a girl a license to be conceited, caught-up and conceited. Having self cofidence is one element, yet appearing like it is amazingly yet another. It shows a actual loss of sophistication and admire for different human beings. 2) Telling white lies and exxagerations to make themselves look extra desireable. E.g.: faking which you're going out on dates, or exxagerating approximately a lot of those swarms of adult males that suppossedly want you, etc. not in basic terms is that this cheating, yet a girl who does this extremely sends a message that something is erroneous together with her via fact if she have been proper she does not would desire to play this interest. 3) dropping tricks yet in no way asserting what you like. specific, it might take extra braveness to come again suited out and say what you like, besides the undeniable fact that it will very nearly extremely save a lot of problems in the long-term. That way the guy and the girl do not would desire to play charades and 20 questions each and all of the time. 4) Nagging. too lots nagging is an exceptionally great thank you to make your guy resent spending time with you. over the years, he will at last view you as a habit policewoman extremely than your lover. 5) The "He has to make the 1st flow" interest. we are residing in the twenty first century, and feminists have been complaining for some years approximately breaking down gender barriers. females are not sources arrangements the place the excellent swordfighter gets to take her domicile anymore. what's incorrect with calling him first, or chatting with him first extremely of spending weeks thinking if he likes you, asking different human beings the thank you to get him to word you, and driving in this psychological merry-go-around? 6) The "I would desire to make him jealous to get him to love me" interest. Going around and flirting with different adult males makes you look slutty, not healthful. returned, a girl who does something like that sends the message that she's compensating for different shortcomings. hiya, are not getting mad. You asked :)

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    maybe suggest a couple of things to do a bit later on - like maybe ina week or 2. Or you could always ask her to suggest something.

    I wouldnt pester her too much, as she might feel uncomfortable and start to avoid you!

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    The best way to handle this situation is straight forward. Just simply ask her if she doesn't wish to go out with you? It is simple straight to the point and you will know where you stand in only a few moments.. Good luck..

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    If you like the girl give it time. If you think she's playing games ask her. Then she will think thats what you think. just be open with her. Then eventually the truth will come out. bad or good.

    Its a double edged sword. only one way to find out is ask her.

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    It's not playing games on your part. Go w/ your gut instinct wait like you said try again if something "comes up" again I'd move on to someone who would have more time for you.

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    no, she sounds like she doesn't want to go out with you, but doesn't want to hurt your feelings. If you keep pestering her you are only going to end up really pushing her away. My advice is to stop pushing with asking her out.

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    If she seems genuinely interested, keep asking. You can give her the option to tell you if she is interested or not. Keep the communication lines open.

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