Suggestions for Resolving feelings?

There was this girl that i was best friends with. After dumping her bf she became rather unstable and started lying to be and pushing me away. Which hurt bad because I couldn't understand why she was doing it. Once she found a new bf she came looking for the same support that I had given her in the past. But I pulled away because she had hurt badly which hurt her b/c I wasnt there when she needed me. When I got over the hurt I tried contacting her again b/c I never heard from her. And she more or less said that we can't be friends again. Now the problem I'm having is that she was very important to me and I still care for her as a friend as well as being angry with her for not being a good one to me. And so i keep thinking how i want to make amends with her and show her how her lies and pushing made me pull away from her when she needed me. Or if i'm angry how i want to tear into her letting her know that it's her fault that we can't be friends anymore. How can i resolve these feelings?


I've tried talking to her once before, but was trying to not make it look like I was blaming her. And she ended up turning it around so that it was my fault... I also tried sending her an email but I never heard anything back. So I called her and when I mentioned it she got really quiet and said that she hasn't checked her email in weeks. Which is funny cause she was pretty active on facebook during that time... I also asked her about trying to spend time together again and she said maybe and that she would think about it. The call took place about a week ago and I haven't heard anything back. And knowing her she's already decided that she didn't want to spend any time with me and just told me that rather then tell me the truth. Which is exactly how she was acting before the break.

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    u've gotta tell her. u aren't friends now, so you wouldn't be losing a relationship if u told her these things. it could get u guys back together. u've gotta resolve ur problems, not live in them.

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    Just explain everything to her and let her know how u felt.If she still doesn't want to be friends with u then splash water in her face and tell her to "wake up cause life is short!"lol sike DON'T DO THAT.I know you wouldn't do that so just listen to the part before all the water splashing.Hope I helped you out.

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    in that case just try to have a nice talk with her in which you can indicate or even tell her directly that it was her mistake that you are friends no more.and as far as your feelings are concerned they'll definitely take a lot of time, after all it is a friend you are losing.and it really pains when that happenswhether the mistake is thiers or yours.

    anyway good luck.hope you can get out of it faster.

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    Life goes on.

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