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How do you tape a sheetrock ceiling?

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    Go to the hardware store and puchase a 5 gallon pal of drywall mud, if your area is small they do come in 1 gallon also, and a roll of drywall tape, you will need a 6", and a 12" drywall knife.

    With your 6" knife apply a thin coat of mud to the joint put the tape in and press it in firmly in the mud. Wait about an hour or so then cover the tape with another coat of mud using your 6" knife, in this step you will want to make sure you tape is completely covered but at the same time just enough mud to cover. At this point you will need to wait until the surface is completly dry, it will be all white when it is dry. Apply a second coat of mud with your 12" knife just to coat, this coat will dry with in the hour, then using a sanding block or a wet spong smooth out any rough spots or burrs and you should be done

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    Yes you should tape the ceiling. I would use mesh tape. Tape over each seam then go over it with mud (joint compound). For the ceiling I use the Blue cover compound....its lighter and easier to work with. Start by giving it a good coat using a wide(rectangle) trowel. Feather outwards (leaving more over the seam and less as you go out). Buy a special sponge at your local home improvement store (its sold right by the mud). I find using a sponge rather than sanding it to be easier and less of a mess. While its still a little wet pass a wet sponge over it to smooth it out. Let dry and put a second coat on using the same method but mixing your mud with water to the consistency of mayonnaise. Again use the sponge to smooth. If there are some edges you would like smoother after it has dried then use fine sandpaper. You should be ready to paint.

    Good luck...remember to take it slow and make sure you cannot see the seams.

    Source(s): Do it Yourselfer with many years experience.
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