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What should i do if i have a shot put try out tomorrow and want to perform 2 my best?

Should i get a good sleep, what should eat etc, what should i do?

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    to do: dont over-throw!! it will stress you out and make you muscles tired...maybe grab a towel and bunch it up and practice your form and that way you dont have the weight to worry about.

    eating: make sure you eat a healthy breakfast! cereal; fruits, something to keep your energy up. before they start try-outs eat a snack bar or something.

    right before throwing: dont stress out. just dont watch the other guys throw dont listen to their distances cause it might phyc you out. just stay clam, listen to music. stretch out. but not too much. when your in the hole lay down or sit down and take deep breaths. when your on deck go for a short jog around the area your in (it circualtes the blood in your body.)

    Good Luck!


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    I'm not a track & field star but I am a gymnast and it's important that we are focused and confident at our meets. Here are some tips:

    Listen to music while you visualize yourself doing your best shot put. Make sure the music is something you like, or can sing along to. I find that this helps me relax.

    Eat a good breakfast before going to the try out. If you don't eat a healthy breakfast, you won't be focused.

    Good luck at your try out! ;) Hope this helps!

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    Bro I threw discus and shot in college! I am guessing that you have your form down and have done the necessary training to have the quickness and explosion you need to be successful. I great nights sleep is prime but before you throw besure to remain CLR (calm, loose, and relaxed). Get an ipod and jam out until they call you on deck. Close your eyes and visualize the perfect throw you have ever done. All these steps got me great success! I also never threw anything the day before to rest my muscles, I just work on my steps on the spin technique! Good luck playa!

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