How do I recover corrupted files on my external hard drive?

I turned on my Fantom drive this morning to find that the contents of an entire directory of movie files was gone. The folder listed 0 files, 0 bytes, though they were all present the day before and I know no one deleted them. But what's weird is that when I tried to transfer some of the deleted files from my computer hard drive to the Fantom, it wouldn't let me, saying stuff about files with those names already existing in that directory. So it's like the data is all there - it's just not showing up.

The hard drive was off and I know NO ONE accessed it between the last time I saw the files and this morning. I think that since it appears that the data is still present, there is a chance to save it. Any pointers?

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  • Balk
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    1 decade ago
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    It seems strange that everything in a folder would suddenly go missing. Check the drive for errors. Perhaps the file system is damaged or you have bad sectors on the hard drive.

    If there are no errors, try using this free undelete program:


    Well, whatever you do, don't write any data to the external hard drive. Did your computer crash recently? Perhaps something happened to the driver or the registry entries for your external hard drive. Try re-installing the drivers for it. Check the USB cable too.

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    4 years ago

    Recover Corrupted External Hard Drive

  • Anonymous
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    To recover files from PC or other supports and devices you can use wondershare data recovery. You can get it for free here


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    It do happens, probably some virus entered your HDD, when you last accessed and was waiting for next boot, a good time to attack and corrupt or may be delete your files.

    Try to use some file recovery softwares like "Recover my files", and recover your files.

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  • 1 decade ago

    You can attempt to recover the files with PC Inspector File Recovery - free here

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