How do I know if my boss is monitoring my internet use?

Is there a way I can find out or prevent the boss from finding out?

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    There is no absolute way to determine if your employer is monitoring your Internet usage. All that data may be captured at the firewall, router, or other network attached device.

    Maybe you should ask yourself the question, have I given my employer a reason to scrutinize my Internet activity? If you're doing your job well (translation: if the company is making money thanks to you.) and you're not breaking any laws, then you have nothing to worry about in my opinion.

    EVERYONE uses the Internet at work for personal reasons. This, believe it or not, is to the benefit of the employer. If you didn't do things like order flowers online for Mother's Day, you would have to take off work to do them. By letting you do some personal stuff at work you can stay longer and be more productive to your employer.

    Lastly, if you're doing your job well and your employer is sweating you for Internet usage, then it's time to start looking for another job. Life is too short to work for someone so controlling.

  • There's no way for you to know. And there's nothing you can do to stop him from monitoring what you do with your work provided computer. It's their property. They're paying you to use it. They have a right to monitor everything you use it for.

    The internet monitoring is actually handled by the network equipment, not by your machine. It's being recorded. Whether or not someone is actively looking is a different question.

    But if you get caught doing something, believe me, there are lots of ways to research your actions after the fact.

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    In the current business climate, I would assume that it IS being monitored. But the real question is why you should care? You were hired to perform a service for your employer, and not surf the net. Just my $.02

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    If you are on a Corporate Network or LAN, the system administrator can monitor your use. They may use special programs or have reports created of any users' online activities.

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