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Should R&S have its own moderator(s)?

Questions, answers, and even accounts get deleted quickly and often without explanation on this forum. The TOS are quite vague. To date, I've never received a response from Yahoo, in an attempt to appeal a deleted question or answer.

Should Yahoo place a team of moderators to monitor R&S exclusively? This section has its own rhythm, and with such a person (or persons) in place, they would have a much better feel for the personalities of the regulars, as well as a better feel for who is trying to make a valid point, or who is attempting disruption.

Websites that are comparable (or larger) in size have only one or two moderators for forums that are much busier than R&S is.

Your thoughts?

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    It would be a good idea but I doubt Yahoo will bother.

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    Sorry, but I can't agree with that. I love the format this forum has taken, a sort of chat room where we can share our views, express our concerns, and so on.

    I agree that the reporting is out of hand, and I myself have lost several accounts, mainly due to chatting. This very question/statement of yours is considered chatting, and if there were mods it would either never make it through or be pulled immediately.

    Yahoo! Answers is supposed to be a question/answer forum. We are lucky to get away with the bit of chatting and ranting that escapes deletion. I think that if we had mods we'd be deleted quicker than ever.

    Sometimes, I do feel people are stopping by to watch the goings-on. The reason for this is the lag time this section has compared to others, and the fact that many innocent questions never post. I know there are filters set to catch certain words and phrases, but too many are caught for this to be true for all. If you've noticed, this happens with less frequency on the weekends when the Yahoo! staff is simply a skeleton crew.

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    Maybe R&S should have it's own monitors but then too much control would be bad. I enjoy some of the ideas and debates in R&S on a number of controversial subjects with all kinds of questions and viewpoints aired and I would be worried that maybe someone that was bias would try to put the kybosh on some of these.

    Anyway how would you cater to all the varieties of religion. It could potentially end up doing more harm than good.

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    Absolutely! It's ridiculous that people are limiting other people's free speech just for the sake of being a douchebag towards someone who doesn't believe the same things.

    I would volunteer to be a moderator in R&S, i like to think i'd be fair towards all sides because while I am an Atheist, I would not limit others mature discussions if it did not conform to my beliefs. I would only remove those who are brash and abrasive.

    I think it would be a great idea.

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    I agree and I think there should be a moderator for each faith (not denomination, tho) to make sure things are fair. It is frustrating...I had a question deleted and there was no malice or anything offensive about it, but I guess a thin-skinned person of a different faith had an issue with it...of course, I received no explanation at all...

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    A moderator with limited capabilities would keep the ridiculous from getting in the way of the sublime.

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    I do think that a moderator would help, but I'm afraid we'd lose some of the clever off-topic stuff that makes it fun (like the WSIDR, the Reportbot, maybe even the drinking games).

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    It should be obvious that Yahoo doesn't really care how many people or questions it tosses. You want these people to hire someone to actually -care- what happens here?

    Not going to happen.

    The only people who survive here are those who don't offend anyone, or at least, don't offend anyone who will report them.

    And given the number of sociopaths in society, that isn't going to happen.

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    Yes, it should, but I watched moderators kill a perfectly decent website, so I'm of the opinion that there should be PAID moderators...

    You find people who are getting paid feel dedicated to their work.

    If I were paid, even $10 an hour, I'd moderate here.

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    My thought is Yahoo! doesn't give a damn. They finally shut down the news message boards, 2 years after they should have. They aren't going to pay a person minimum wage to moderate anything. They are bastards.

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    It is most likely a cost factor. They may not have the resources to to place a full time moderator to the area.

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