Sex in pool?

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how does havin sex in a pool affect either person doing it
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Because we float, it makes a ton of different positions that aren impossible or uncomfortable outside of a pool, possible, and pleasurable..

You can even do the Lobster position w/o spotters.

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  • Kristy answered 7 years ago
    Having sex in any body of water actually poses a higher risk of infection to both partners but more so to the woman. Penetration allows other bacteria from the water to enter the vagina as well and can cause infection or irritation to the sensitive skin and membranes.

    Water is not as lubricating as natural body fluids and can cause friction between the partners resulting in discomfort and irritation.

    If water is forced into the vagina it can cause major infections and result in other problems for the woman as well.

    If you have sex in water (pool, hot tub, etc) try to have the sex OUT of the water, as in, don't allow the genitals to be under water during penetration.

    You have to be careful of irritation for the most part. Otherwise there's not much affect. The water on the person's body may cause him or her to be more or less aroused, it depends on the people.

    Hope this helps, enjoy!


    Between my gyno and spending time in the women's locker room for 24 years I've picked up a bit of knowledge ; )
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  • tommy answered 7 years ago
    it effect me pretty good I got V.D from a girl in a pool. and she was a nurse.
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  • marie answered 7 years ago
    Not supposed to do that. It gets water up there, which is bad. Do you ever watch Talk Sex with Sue on Oxygen, Sunday nights? That's what she said, it's a no-no.
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  • john inquisitive answered 7 years ago
    u cant hump in deep water, ud have no leverage
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  • John H answered 7 years ago
    the water tends to wash away the natural lubricant, so it is more difficult than it looks
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  • Stephanie answered 7 years ago
    the same as on land
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  • msherbekow answered 7 years ago
    Its great for new positions, especially if your man is not that strong out of the water. The only issue is that the water will wash away the body's natural lubrication. Hopefully you will be enjoying yourself to the point where that won't be a problem.

    Good luck.
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  • out for justice. answered 7 years ago
    it is good for the guy, but bad for the girl.
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  • devonher answered 7 years ago
    well... guess it depends on how cold the water is! ha ha! but it is definitly worth it girl!!!
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