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Is there a God?

I think there is as nothing can be too perfect as this universe without one. what do u say?

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    Like anyone can answer that! lol!

    There is definitely an "energy" for the lack of a better term... whether that energy is involved in the personal (like many religions portray as being a god or gods) or if it is just a general "driving force"... well, I guess no one knows until they die, and then, how can they tell us??

    I guess you just got to go with what you believe or feel..

    Whatever it is I am glad I am alive and able to experience what I am able to. It would suck to have been some amoeba on Mars as opposed to a human on Earth!

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    There are many, many, many imaginary gods. Shall I list some? Who says the universe is so perfect? Using assumptions to try to prove other assumptions is a classic fallacy in logic, and Christians are fond of such illogic. If things are so perfect, why did my kidneys quit and cause me to have 3 days of surgery and more a year later? This was a painful experience and put me behind in writing a book I'd just begun. I think there are myriads of ways that the universe is all too imperfect.

  • Anonymous
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    Yes there is a God. That being is the creator and sustainer of the universe. Given that we the creation of God cannot even understand that universe how then could we expect to understand God.

    An additional thought from C.S. Lewis:

    “Why are many people prepared in advance to maintain , that what ever else God may be He is not the concrete living, willing and acting God of Christian Theology. I think the reason is as follows: Let us suppose a Mystical Limpet, a sage among Limpets, who (in a rapt vision) catches a glimpse of what man is like. In reporting it to his disciples, who have some vision themselves (though less than his) he will have to use many negatives. He will have to tell them that man has no shell, is not attached to a rock, is not surrounded by water. And his disciples, having a little vision of their own to help them, get the idea of man. But then here come the erudite Limpets, limpets who write histories of philosophy and give lectures on comparative religion, and who have never had any vision of their own. What they get out of the prophetic Limpet’s words is simply and solely the negatives. From these, uncorrected by any positive insight, they build up a picture of man as sort of amorphous jelly (he has no shell) existing no where in particular (he is not attached to a rock) and never taking nourishment (there is no water to drift it toward him). And having a traditional reverence for man they conclude that to be a famished jelly in a dimensionless void is the supreme mode of existence, and reject as crude, materialistic superstition any doctrine which would attribute to man a definite shape, structure, and organs.”

  • Aries
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    No I don't think there is. I am not saying there haven't been "prophets" or "holy men" but as for a God no. I think it was something to give our ancestors to believe in - a being greater than them, looking after them. Nowadays science is telling us a great deal about how the world came into being and there certainly wasn't a God making the world in 7 days!!

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    i say if you believe there is a God, there is a God. i think believing in a God is more powerful than not, and others may think that rejecting the existence of God is like turning your back against Jesus who sacrificed his own life for us and who actually preached the word of God. One thing i don't get though is that if people can believe that Jesus existed, then why can't they believe God doesn't exist? i mean, Jesus prayed just before he was crucified at the garden of gethsemane with his disciples, and he also prayed while he was being crucified on the cross. He was either referred to as God, Lord, or Father

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    There is no possible way God can be real. things came from particles in the atmosphere that became dependant on things such as oxygen. There is, again, no god. Dont fall for the christian stuff. And to be perfect is to be flawless, according to the design. So yes, its possible for something to be perfect.

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    i personally think that there is some being that created the earth and the unvirese and so on. scientist say it was a big bang. but then they can not explain why this is the only planet were vegetation really exsited. i think everyone believes in some kind of GOD. whether it was the indians who believe in the SUN GOD, or the buddism who believe in their many gods, or christians who believe in GOD. there have been many miracles in life that can not be answered so simply, so people say , IT WAS GOD'S WAY. so whether you are an aesthic, wiccan, christian, jewish, buddism, and/or whatever other regilion you can be, there is a GOD in all of them, and it is worship.

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    The Holy Bible is absolute truth. John 3:16.

    Yes, God the Father exists. BELIEVE!

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    I believe there is a 'God', but I also believe we think of 'God' differently than what he(masculine) really is. It would be hard to imagine such a vast and glorious universe if there wasn't one. Joe Rogan said it right we he said we are probably part of a atom that is part of another being, who is part of an atom that is part of another, and so on.

  • Anonymous
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    God, what who?

    No he doesn't.

    If so, he isn't god.

    For one he wouldn't let me say that!

    If so, he isn't god, because he would ask what is his God? Then his god would be the God, and so onward. A mythological embarassment, yes. Monastries and riddles hide the reality so people don't laugh at them thinking he existed. So that's why we have a multi-cultural, multi-belief nation, thanks to them we are trying to find it out, if they just said the truth every faith would be found out false.

    They protected it because they wanted soldiers to go out in battles to die in the name of lord, but the truth is the leaders just wanted them to win the territory, etc.

    Land, greed and false faith = humankind.

    Nope, no God, just existence.

    Source(s): For nothing to exist, then their is something holding nothing, LOL.
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