how do you become and remain an asset to your employer?

what steps might YOU take, without going too far? any personal examples are welcome.

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    1/ Do what your job description tells you to do.

    2/ Suggest amendments if any , in a correct/civilised way if you consider that these amendments might increase the efficiency of the company you are working for.

    3/ Do not interfere in problems that you colleagues might have with their working conditions.( It's the job of the Human Resourse Manager ,not yours.).

    4/Be ready to achieve tasks which are not mentionned in your job describtion on condition that you can do them properly.

    5/ Be ready to work a "reasonable" amount of overtime without any obvious signs of annoyance.( You will get paid for that , i presume.)

    6/ Do not share with anyone any confidentiel informations you might have in the course of your duty or obtained by hasard.( If you do it , one day or the other your boss will know your indiscretion.

    Managers know much more that their employees can imagine.)

    7/As far as possible avoid any situations where your behaviour towards any of your colleages of opposit sex might be the subject of " cheep gossips " during lunch time or tea breaks.

    8/ Never give the impression that you are indispensable to the company.It's the best and quickest way to get a kick in.( i will not say where.)

    9 / Be friendly and affirmative but do not play or act as the "underdog"

    10/ Be ready to follow training sessions ( given by the Company.)

    11/ Same as above but by your own decision.It can only rehearse the confidence you have in yourself.

    12/ Most honest.


    Do not play golf with your boss , if you are much better than him .

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    By kissing as much "ASSet" as you can.

    Seriously, i would say by showing up everyday as scheduled. Showing up on time everyday as well. Those are two important things. They show that you are taking your job seriously and are a mature person who understands the responsibilities of a job.

    Try to get along good with other employees.

    Always try to go beyond the call of duty, maybe to help out another employee who might be a little bit behind in their work or new to the job.

    Be willing to help out when needed without complaining, even if its something that is not part of your job.

    Dont be pushy-dont be overbearing. Nobody likes that.

    Treat co-workers with respect.

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    I've always been a great employer (not to brag or anything). I was being fought over by managers in different departments at one job because it was clear from the beginning that I was one of the hardest workers. For me, doing my job without complaining and causing problems have worked in my favor. I have a generally pleasant attitude, and I'm not mean to anyone's face (I have enough respect to do it behind your back, lol). I'm intelligent and take personal pride in my work. I think I've ended up competing with other co-workers in retail jobs to see who could get things done the quickest or with the fewest mistakes- it made the day go by faster and increased our productivity in the process. Now as a teacher, I'm an asset because I'm making a difference in my students' lives, I'm dedicated to my work, and I do it with a smile on my face. Without internal motivation, I don't think people will ever be exceptional at their jobs. You have to have enough pride in yourself and in your work to do it really well. Just getting by will only get you so far. :)

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    for me I started at the bottom and worked my way up... during that time I did my job and added jobs that my boss couldn't accomplish (procrastinator)... Since I was in school, I also took management courses to see what I could use... But I did my work and more, expressed my opinion, and kept personal problems at home... also learning the jobs at hand could make you very big asset... that is why if they leave the office or go out of the country they know I can keep this place running....

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    Take initiative. Always work when scheduled, being prompt, and prepared. Do as you're asked without complaint. If you need to complain, do so in a dignified and professional manner. Don't become friends with your co-workers and spill too much personal info. Always look and act professional. And SMILE.

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    Do your job.

    Stay out of other people's business.

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