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reporting someone for rape?

ever had to file a report of rape against someone?

What were your feelings?

I did. The guy had said he was sorry before, but was starting to display some upsetting jerky behavior. I wanted to make sure he was really sorry and not just apologizing to save his ***. Feel a little sorry for me.

Can anybody relate?


I didn't falsely accuse him he raped me. Thought he might actually be sorry, but he displayed some controlling behavior. And I realized I had to press charges because he didn't appear to be sorry.

Update 2:

we were both drunk, but I did slap him and tell him to "get out".

So I'm not quite sure how I feel about saying he raped me. I know he's drunk is not an excuse.

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    first of all i know its a bad time in your life whene someone takes advantage of you and you did not want them too. and the thing is that both of you were drunk and if you told him no and he still proceded then its rape but if he wants to fight this his lawyer will try everything in the book to get him off and the lawyer will try to say you were drunk and you dident know what you were saying, so you need to get it streight in your head and remember what you were saying that night to tell hiom to stop. dont get me wrong im not on his side and i believe you and he should go to jail for doing what he has done to you. because if you dont press charges he will do it to someone else. just make sure you tell the judge and everybody else this is not something you wanted to happen and you told him to stop. i think in my opinion that any man who has to rape a women to have sex should be put into a cell with men who have not had a women in so long so he knows what it feels like to be raped, i hope this helps and god bless and look for god to help you get past this. (a friend who respects women) rgsiguana

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    I had been in a similar situation (date rape) and I had no idea what to do. I never did anything about it because I didn't want to have to live through the experience in court... plus, I was sure they'd find some way to turn it against me, and hold me accountable, even though I know it wasn't my fault.

    I don't know why you still talk to this creep if he did this to you. Apologizing doesn't make it okay, nor does it make it forgivable. What he did was illegal, and violated you. Whether or not you want to take him to court is up to you, but without physical evidence it's pretty hard to prove (unfortunately).

    It will take you some time to get over it. My rape happened about 5-6 years ago, and only recently did I find myself able to let it go. Be sure you have close friends near by if you need to let out emotions, and talk. They can be your best support system in this situation.


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    I can not relate, because I never was in such a situation, but if he really raped you (forced you against your will to have sex and forced himself on you) then DO NOT feel sorry for that guy!

    He had no right to do so in the first place, especially if you said you don't want to....

    I feel sorry for you that you had to go through this and that you even have to go through it now with reporting him. It won't be easy, but this will hopefully save somebody else from this guy!

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    No, I can't. I'm a guy. BUT, if this jerk forced himself on you, there is no excuse. None.

    He needs to face what he's done. Odds are tremendous that he'll do it again, maybe to you, maybe to someone else.

    File the report. Rape is rape. Being a woman, do you believe there's a gray area?

    'Nuf said.

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    If I were ever raped, and could not fight my way away from him, what I would do is call the police on my way directly to the emergency room. I would not hesitate, even if the one who raped me was apologetic afterward. That is no excuse. He should pay the consequences for the crime he committed.

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    rape is rape, no excuses no sorrys its rape and he deserves to be reported. If you dont report what happens the next time he wants someone else.

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    They should all die they all turn into liers after they rape you.How else do they get the charges dropped.The last time it happened to me I lost the boyfriend at the time cuz it was his best friend who raped me.Cops did nothing for me at all.

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    Rape is a major form of disrespect. If you say no, it's no. If it happened, it happened! If you don't report it, then he will do it again to someone else. Don't let people control your life!

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    men will say and do anything in order to have the rape charges dropped.

    don't fall prey to it, if he raped u; then proceed with the charges.

    been there and done that. he is now serving 15 years.....

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    ummm....if he really did rape you then you did the right thing, but if he didn't rape you and was just being a jerk.....reporting him for rape was a terrible thing to do and why would anyone feel sorry for's him i'd feel sorry for

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