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COuld i Be pregnant??

My period came on friday and ended on sunday morning. this is very irregular for me considering my periods lasts 7 days. Anyway i thought my period was over but everyother day i see light spotting and then it goes away!!!! What the heck is going on with me????

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    Could be pregnant, or just having a crazy period! If you have changed your eating habits, or been very stressed, it could all affect your period.

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    You could just be having a weird period. Our bodies do that to us sometimes. That's happened to me. Sometimes I thought I was done and then I would keep spotting for a few days afterwards. It's really annoying, but it happens. It doesn't necessarily mean that you're pregnant. If you're really worried about being pregnant, go get a pregnancy test and take it in the morning. Good luck!

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    That is what happened to me when I got pregnant. I had my period for a day and then it stopped, a few days later I had some spotting. Definitely run out and get a home pregnancy test and see.

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    Yes, that is very possible. Having a irregular period is a sign of pregnancy. I would get a pregnancy test, and check things out.

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    my friend had her period for 2 days - very light - and then later on found out that she is pregnant. so yes, you could be pregnant. go get a home pregnancy test.

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    Light spotting is common when the egg implants into the uturus wall lining. If you are overdue for you "regular" period, take a test and make sure.

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    Get a home pregnancy test.

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    yes, u could very well be pregnant. first response is the best otc test out there.

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    it is not impossible that you are pregnet but it could be that your sick.

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