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how different would the answers be..?

If I had just said..

that since I moved a year ago our relationship has been kinda off, but we can never stop talking to each other. We had basically been together 3 years before I moved.. Now we live far enough away that we can't see each other very often at all. I tried not talking to him for a while but I missed him too much and he kept calling. Whenever he tells me anything serious, he won't talk to me for a week, and he doesn't tell me serious things that often..

I'm debating on telling him that I'm going to be in town this wkd so I'd like some advice..


If I just said this...

Update 2:

without the mention of anything physical like the last one..;_ylt=AmInC...

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    I think ultimately you need to let him know you're in physical interaction with him please. Besides the two of you aren't really having a steady rel. I think a good long serious chat will be a good idea once you're down there...get things sorted out once and for makes no sense debating and wondering, pondering...and long dstance relationships aren't me I know I've been in one for four years. Get it all sorted out and figure out what you both really want...

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    If I were you, I would tell him. I think the reason he doesn't call for a week after telling you something serious, is he feel the intimacy you both shared isn't what it was when you were living near him. Only you can decide what your feelings are and ultimately you have to decide. I have read quite a few questions on this forum and there is a surprising lot of contributors who now regret decision because they were frighten to express their true feelings to the person of their choice. Go for it!

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