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Need a new TV. should I get Plasma, LCD, or Projector?

I need something 42" or bigger. What are the advantages / disadvantages of these three?


I mean projector like a LCD projector not a projection TV

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    If you are wanting the cinema experience and have a designated theatre room in your house, then go for a projector. It allows you to have a huge screen and give you that "at the cinema" experience. If it is for general viewing, then definately go for LCD over Plasma. They are much more efficient. If a pixel dies on a plasma screen, then tough luck - not covered under warranty unless a cluster of 4 pixels right next to each other go. With an LCD, more often than not, the pixel can be 'massaged' back. Best thing is to have the projector in the theatre room and the LCDs in your living room and bedroom!

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    Plasmas break and mess up too easily and projectors arent clear so i would suggest an LCD. There not as thin as a plasma but its better and cheaper

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    LCD and Plasma have their individual strengths and weaknesses! Much depends on what YOU are going to primarily use it for. Check out:; and for ideas.

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    Check out the DLP's. I stopped shopping for TV's until I can save enough for one of those. Unreal.

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