what kind of cars are in it?

what cars are in gran turismo 4-5? i thought about getting both, but i was afraid i may not like it. i want a racing that exceeds my expectations. there aren't any games like that out there that much with the exception of need for speed: most wanted and test drive unlimited. is there anything else u could tell me about gran turismo so i could make up my mine?

thank you

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  • 1 decade ago
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    GT 4 has over 400 cars spaning for around 70 makers and tuners, and you can get from a Civic, a Chevy Lightning pick-up, to full blown GP racers.

    As for the cars themselves, there are too many to list here.

    Darkness, you are an idiot, and obviously a child. Grand Turismo is a simulation/racing game, and also an award winning game because of it's realism. If you don't like the control, you should be driving a real car, moron. NFS Carbon dosen't even shadow a lot of things that you can do in GT. Bad call, non-gamer.

    Ignore the stupidy coming for Darkness, Triplet. He dosen't know a good racing game if it bit him in the butt.

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    I think gran turismo is too lame. The handling seemed to tough. Once you beat it what can you do after that? Nothing. Need for speed has many cars with different options and different way to defeat an opponent. If you beat it start over with another car and a whole new design. Thats what I did for a long period of time. Gran turismo is lame!!!!!

    Hope this helped.

    Have a good day/night. CHOW

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