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1970s Sci-Fi Series?

I'm trying to remember the title of a sci-fi/fantasy series, I think it was for teens from pre-1982. A British trilogy, they were examples of classic British Apocalypse sci-fi. Merlin returns to Britian (might have been surprise ending) causing the people of Britian to abandon technology and return to living as they did in medieval times. I think the plot of at least one book revolved around a young girl and some East Indians traveling across Britian, one of the few groups not affected by the spell.

What is the name of this series & who wrote it?

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    You don't say books or TV; it reminds me of a Peter Dickinson trilogy, The Devil's Children. I read the series when it was reprinted in the US in the 80s and loved it. Each book followed a different group but they hooked up at the end. I looked it up and apparently there was a TV series in the 70s based on it.

    "His three early books, The Weathermonger, Heartsease and The Devil's Children make up the Changes Trilogy, which was adapted (with many changes) into the BBC TV series The Changes in 1975. The trilogy was written in reverse order; The Devil's Children is actually the first book in terms of the trilogy's chronology, Heartsease the second, and The Weathermonger the third."

    Great books! I liked the ones with the covers by the Dillions and I distinctly remember one with the East Indians on it. England was cut off from the outside world, too, and nobody knew what was going on there, like a great cloud cut the island off. A tomb in Wales had been disturbed I think, and all the mechanical and electronic devices stopped functioning. People actually forgot how they worked.

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