Should I be getting excited?

OK here it is...We have been trying to conceive for a few months now..This month i was to get my cycle on the 6th and that was ONLY 3 days ago on Sunday...but, im afraid i have been convincing myself of pregnancy symptoms..I have been so tired that i feel like i havent slept in a week..and oddly enough my feet has been swelling for about 4 days now..i am crampy but it also feels like a period crampy..i havent been really nausiated but there are times if i smell something i get queezy..but my question is should i be getting excited already or u think i should wait till maybe next week after my cycle is over a week late? I have called the Dr. and if my period dont start by next Wednesday then I am to call back and set an appt..unless i dont feel something is right..gonna buy a test either today or tomarrow...soo..just thought i would get your opionion too..Thanks A Lot!!!


Attention!!!!! I went and got a hpt and i got 2 LINES...SO I GUESS I CAN GET EXCITED..WOOO HOOOO..LOL

Update 2:

Went to Dr.s today they squeezed me in and it was confirmed I AM DEFFINATELY PREGNANT..My EDD is Jan.13 IM SOOOO HAPPY!!!1

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    sounds like you may be preggers... but why don't you try to take an hpt before you call the doc? Since you are 3 days late, it should show a positive if it is a positive... Really, that is the only thing the doctor will do - They use the same tests that you can buy otc.

    Good Luck! And I hope you are!

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    It sounds to me like you could be pregnant, but I would try not to get too excited yet. Your body could be fooling you. I would get a test and take it in the morning. Since your period was due on the 6th, it should be pretty accurate by now. Good luck!

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    What are you waiting for...go get a test!!

  • congratulations it sounds like you are pregnant

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