Are lieberal bedwetters directly responsible for the energy crisis do their stubborn refusal to allow new well

new wells and new refineries?

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    I think you probably mean liberal instead of lieberal (or maybe you are trying to make what seems like clever word play to you) and due instead of do (it's a simple matter of usage). But, to answer your question, new wells and new refineries will not change the fact that the earth's supply of oil is simply running out. The energy crisis comes from wastefulness and a lack of dedication to the development of alternative energy sources. That will be the only way to alleviate the problem because, when it comes to oil, the well is running dry.

  • Noah H
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    1 decade ago

    You'd be surprised how easy it is to deal with 'the energy crisis'. Don't drive a gas hog. Watch where you set your thermostate. Invest in energy saving appliances. Turn off the lights when you leave the room. Don't tune your radio to the right wing radio nitwits that convince goofy people like the bozo that posted this question to blame the non-existant 'liberals' or lie-berals for the state of the world. Buy a clue, Bo! The world is awash in oil. The problem is the strangle hold the Oil Mafia has on our culture, and believe me, these guys ain't no 'lie-berals'!

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    Besides, you said a few days ago that there IS no energy crisis. What changed your mind?

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